Soph and I are off to Expo Real. We’ve booked the flights (£680 return for two on Lufthansa), two hotel rooms for the same amount, €910 to get into the conference and £68 for a day-two at-home Covid test. 

Spin class

Not exactly a bargain, but we’ll try hard to hook a new client and even harder to hook a date via the Tinder passport feature, which lets us switch our location from London to Munich for a couple of days.

Before then, we’ve got to deal with a really annoying new client who has taken us on on a trial basis – he’s not paying a monthly retainer but a measly amount per press release we draft and issue. I asked for £2,000; he said £500. I said “sorry, that’s far too low” and we settled on £1,000 per press release.

There are four to do. It would be just about fine if he sent us the info. We drafted the press release, he made his changes, we sent it out with a pic and sent him the press cuttings. But he’s now treating us as if he owns us – two or three emails a day, saying “where’s the draft press release”, “can we get a profile in Property Week?”, “let me buy you both a drink one evening”.

Another client – a proper one that pays a monthly retainer – is the opposite in terms of wanting media coverage or drinks after work, but constantly demands documents about “takeaways” from meetings and “look-aheads”.

Munich can’t come soon enough.