Cushty! Sophie and I are having our morning catch-up together – face to face, in an office. Our new serviced office just off the King’s Road. The funny thing is I’ve gotten so used to Zoom Soph that I keep staring at real Soph in a rather bemused way.

Spin class

“Hen, you know how for years we’ve been drafting these media response statements saying ‘we can confirm that X is in talks with Y about something or other’?” Soph asks me. “Well, we’ve been using the wrong language all this time. When Sky asked Sir Keir Starmer the other day if he was in talks to take a consultancy job with Mishcon de Reya, he said: ‘No, I wasn’t, I was in discussion.’”

Some good news for us today. Our talks and discussion with a potential new client have led to our appointment on a £3k monthly retainer. OK, it’s a logistics investor, which is hardly unique these days. There’ll be lots of news stories for us to send out, but the hope of an op-ed article saying something new about logistics are no and Bob.

At lunchtime we pop out to some rather hooray café nearby to celebrate. “To better times for Pastis Communications,” Soph says, as we clink our prosecco glasses.

“This time next year we’ll be millionaires, Rodney,” I reply.