It was decidedly surreal to send out a press release about a small letting in Luton on the day war broke out in Ukraine. What was even more surreal was having to explain to the uncomprehending client why it had got no media coverage.

Spin class

Ever since, Soph and I have been struggling with that fine line between ‘life must go on’ and ‘it’s ridiculous to be sending out press releases about insignificant property deals at this time’.

On Tuesday, we had no choice but to crack on, when we had to go to a client’s office (on the day of a tube strike) for a two-hour company training session based on Carl Jung’s personality types. The idea was that we would all become more understanding of each other’s ways – whether we were the more introverted blue/green colour or the more extraverted red/yellow – and adapt accordingly.

Soph and I both turned out to be blue/green caring, considered, decent people; while the CEO and most of his senior team were red/yellow w***ers.

The prospect of going to Mipim in just over a week also seems rather strange. Soph and I remember when Russia and Ukraine had pavilions next to each other at the time of the annexation of Crimea. Will Russia (and Russians) be banned from going this time?