At last, we’ve picked up a new client. Well, his business is new – life sciences – but he’s not, as we worked for him when his previous company, a flexible workspace provider, went bust during one of the Covid WFH lockdowns. His business model is simple: chase trends, jump on bandwagons and hope it sticks. 

Still, we’re getting a modest £2.5k a month; in the old days before the energy crisis, you would have said: “Well, at least, it’ll pay the bills.” A nice start to September.

“Talking about chasing trends: we’re both quiet quitting,” Soph says. The newly coined term for when workers only do the job they’re paid to do, without taking on extra duties, definitely describes Soph and me. TBH we were quiet quitting well before the term gained popularity in response to pandemic-induced burnout.

In just over two weeks we’ll spend a couple of days quiet quitting in Munich at Expo Real. We will visit the Messe Munchen halls, where it all happens. But with 54,000 sq m of space and 30,000 attendees, it’s so overwhelming that we’ll limit our time there.

I’ll certainly pack my bikini after last year’s embarrassment, when I was relaxing alone in the hotel sauna and a German guy got in and joined me – completely naked.