Friday 18 December 2020: Christmas Party. The Pastis Communications Christmas Party. Two people crammed in Soph’s living room for a cheese (Tesco Express brie) and wine (bottle of plonk) bonanza, but no video evidence to implicate us. Phew.

Spin class

More worrying is the mountain of pre-Christmas work that has piled up. Everyone is buying something and wants to announce it pronto. Every Christmas we have the same discussion – when is the last day we should send out a press release? The week before is no good, so the answer is usually the 17th or 18th. So, next week there is every chance journalists will be getting two press releases a day from us – one at 8.30am, the other at 9.00am.

Our new logistics investor client has got deals coming out of his backside. We’ve also picked up some work from a CEE property company. The trouble is, they’re used to secrecy and don’t like to reveal the price, yield, buyer or anything interesting about their deals, so getting press coverage is a struggle. Our contract with them may be short-lived.

And on Friday 17 we’re off to our client’s vegan The Good Life Café.

Nut roast, lots of wine, but no cheese and not socially distanced. Of course, it’s not a Christmas party – it’s a business meeting.