Goldman Sachs, Sunshine Sachs (Harry and Meghan’s PR firm)… what is it about Sachs that sells? “We must inject a bit of Sachs into Pastis Communications,” Sophie says, as I slump in the chair after my first outdoor lunchtime run (well, jog) for RED (Run Every Day) January.

Spin class

“Absolutely,” I reply, well aware we’re kicking off 2020 with just four clients after a Brexit-affected failure to land new clients in the second half of 2019. (Well, we hope it was Brexit and not us).

Our new year’s resolution is to try and arrange coffee meetings (lunch is too expensive) with almost everyone on our contacts lists.

“First, I need to inject some Sachs into our Property Awards entries,” I add. We’re acting for a mix of contenders and no-hopers – but you can’t tell the latter they have no hope, of course. You just file 50 words of twaddle for a chap who only fulfils half the young personality category (he’s young). Ditto, for the deal of the year involving an industrial portfolio in Shitsville and the dullard who thinks he’s the Great Entrepreneur.

Must remember to be out of the office when the shortlist is announced and our clients are shown to have limited Sachs appeal….