Soph rings me to say Pastis Communications has not made it into PR Week‘s top 150 list. Hahaha.

Spin class

It’s going to take a while. Granted, we haven’t lost any of our few clients for a while, but the work we’re pitching for and sometimes picking up is not exactly FTSE 100 quality: a marketing brochure (where we provide the words and get our designer friend to design it); a small law firm that wants to pay us a paltry £1,000 a month to get coverage in the real estate media on litigation matters (no thanks); a proptech company that thinks it’s brilliant and the content it generates will be lapped up by the FT (no chance).

Our logistics client wants to know what line to take after Amazon’s $3.8bn loss spooked the market. To be fair, while Amazon’s growth will inevitably slow down after two extraordinary years, he thinks there is more than enough demand from other occupiers to offset it.

Our vegan café client, who now has two Good Life cafés in outer London, is doing well and looking for a third site to cater for the oat-milk flat-white crowd. Soph and I have to sort of pretend that we are vegan but I am struggling, particularly with honey, eggs and wine.

Next week I’m leaving Soph in charge of getting into the top 150, while I head off to Kefalonia with my newish, South American BF.