English writer Rudyard Kipling once said: “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh how beautiful’ and sitting in the shade.” According to research by CIA Landlords, neither do they come cheap.

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Source: shutterstock / Paul Maguire

It analysed purchasing and rental prices for properties with and without a garden across the UK and the cost of their upkeep. CIA Landlords revealed residents of Plymouth pay the least money for their own private green space, with the lowest gardening costs at £634 and rental prices with and without a garden about the same.

The most expensive UK city to live in with a garden, however, is London, followed by Bristol and Luton due to high gardening costs. CIA Landlords found the average price of a garden property in London was £1,127,349, while a property without a garden sat at £1,032,510.

Liverpool ranked as the most expensive UK city to rent in with a garden. However, Manchester had the largest spending gap for purchasing a home with or without a garden, sitting at a £72,826 difference on average.

That reminds Eye – it must be time to water the window box.