There’s a national day to mark everything you can think of these days, from the healthy (No Smoking Day on 11 March) through the indulgent (National Ice Cream Day on 19 July) to the frankly bizarre (shiver me timbers, it’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day on 19 September).

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Source: shutterstock / Andrey Popov

Our industry is not immune to this growing trend, so to make life easier for valued readers, Property Eye has compiled a list of red-letter days that should surely be marked in property diaries across the land.

National Real Estate Day on 16 May is one event every property professional can get behind, while those hospitable resi types can big it up for National Home Buying Week from 22 to 27 March. Even rent collectors – perhaps not the biggest party animals out there – get their moment in the spotlight: National Landlord Day on 12 November, of course.

But when it comes to delivering maximum excitement in a 24-hour period, what can compete with the sheer thrills of National Logistics Day on 28 June? Shed agents: that was Tuesday, in case you didn’t notice. Where were your party hats? Oh well, maybe next year.