Some employees see their company expense account as one of the perks of the job. No one is ever going to notice that expensive bottle of wine quaffed during a lengthy meal with a big-spending client or the numerous G&Ts snaffled from a hotel mini bar.


Club sandwiches - not on the menu at WeWork

Source: Erik Forsberg/Flickr

So pity the 6,000-strong global workforce of co-working behemoth WeWork who were recently issued with a new expenses policy edict.

In an effort to reduce the company’s environmental impact, WeWork staff have been told that they can no longer claim expenses for any red meat, poultry or pork items and that these items would also no longer be served at WeWork events, including the company’s annual ‘summer camp’ jamboree.

In an email sent to members of staff explaining the new policy, WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey said: “New research indicates that avoiding meat is one of the biggest things an individual can do to reduce their personal environmental impact – even more than switching to a hybrid car.”

Presumably, if club sandwiches and bloody steaks are off the menu for WeWork workers, it’s still OK for them to expense a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild and those miniature bottles of Gordon’s.