When talk turns to the sharing economy, most people think of Zipcar, Uber, Airbnb or some other hip new digital services. But is that really the limit of what the concept entails?

Allister Hayman

In this issue of Perspectives, Gareth Lewis of PwC argues that the sharing economy is much broader than the usual definitions suggest and that it is already having a major impact on the property industry, which, in its essence, is based on the concept of ownership. Is property ready for this revolution, which is already under way? Perhaps not.

Another sector of the market that is facing huge upheaval from digital innovation is retail - and particularly the UK high street, which is struggling to attract shoppers in the face of competition from e-tailing and more popular prime shopping destinations. How can the high street respond to these challenges? Steven Norris, of Carter Jonas, says local councils must take a proactive role in driving a new strategy for their high street if they are to arrest a spiral of decline.

The threat of the rise of technology is also tackled by Mark Bruno, of proptech firm Datscha, who argues that property companies must embrace change if they want to cut costs, improve efficiency and stay relevant.

To round off this issue, we also hear from Lynda Shillaw, of Manchester Airports Group, who argues that airports are far more than just transport hubs and must be seen as key contributors to the wider regional economy. Meanwhile, Stephen Wasserman, of West One Loans, discusses the importance of bridging finance and Martin Betts, of Yardi, looks at how landlords and operators can improve the performance of their shopping centres.

The aim of Perspectives is to step back from the day to day and look at the bigger picture through a series of thought leadership essays. We hope you find the insights from this issue thought provoking.

Allister Hayman is Property Week’s deputy editor

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