Landed in Las Vegas for 10th year, it hasn’t really changed much since I first came.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Source: David Vasquez

The place is as big now as it was then, that’s what it’s about I guess….only thing that has changed is you get a few more of us Brits over hunting for US retailers willing to take the plunge into the unknown scary European property market!

The appetite seems to change once the retailers start to reach saturation point in their markets.

They look at Canada as international and that can be done in 20 stores, so they look at Europe or Asia.

Nowadays add in Middle East which is almost a no brainer with the structure of entry there. England next, no language problems.

So onto tomorrow where the fun begins. Who wants to follow the lead of Disney, Gap, Forever 21, Polo Ralph Lauren, Skechers, Apple and Abercrombie??   Watch this space……