First day at ICSC ReCon this year was Sunday, although the convention centre wasn’t open which was good as it made for a far more relaxing time meetings in hotels.



Source: Ken Lund

Still certain landlords such as Simon and Macherich have taken up ballrooms at Ceasar’s to hold their meetings. They must still be at loggerheads with ICSC over the fees!

It isn’t easy for us trying to get between meetings, taking into account travel times and taxi queues it effectively means less time for meetings themselves which is the whole point of ReCon, the sooner they sort this spat the better for all.

Americans do know how to put on a show and nobody does it better than Las Vegas. Long day ahead of meetings, some at Ceasars and some in the convention centre. It seems quite a few US retailers are keen to talk about European expansion.

On the retail side, Forum shops in Ceasars has been busy and H&M have a fantastic looking store there, the entrance is 40 foot high at least and there is a DJ high up in a balcony as you walk in, which was impressive.