Renee Barnes

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    Tide turns against Canute

    3 November 2000

    Wilson Bowden had great plans to reinvent Canute's Pavilion in Southampton as a world-class destination. But the scheme's existing restaurateurs and local councillors have scuppered the redevelopment.

  • News

    Delancey seeking partner for Norwich development

    13 October 2000

    The developer is believed to have opened talks with joint venture partners and is re-assessing plans for the vacant site, which was acquired as part of the merger with Milner Estates a year ago.

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    Time for war in Westminster

    6 October 2000

    Westminster City Council’s latest planning policies directly oppose mayor Ken Livingstone’s plans for central London. Report on the UDP’s aims and the hopes that they may create a more balanced borough – but at what cost?

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    Niche market

    8 September 2000

    News and deals from around the region.