In the first part of this month’s Property Week podcast, sponsored by DPP, Chris Ireland, senior partner at King Sturge, discusses where money is being spent, being a partnership in the recession and what he expects from 2010.

Richard Flack, senior partner of planning consultancy DPP, discusses nimbyism and the Tory localism agenda, how the planning system needs to change and what planners should do to combat bad architecture.

And if you’ve been wondering what to do with the spare items kicking around in your attic, listen to David Brackin, chief executive of Stuff U Sell, a firm that helps people tap into the Ebay market by flogging their unwanted possessions.

All that and James Max’s critical view of the run-up to the election, and the latets news with Property Week editor James Whitmore.

Tune in next week for personal finance advice with Dr David Kuo, corporate real estate with DTZ’s James Maddock and weird foods with broadcaster Tom Parker Bowles.  

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