It was standing room only at the first-ever proptechdedicated Speakers’ Corner, sponsored by Osborne Clarke – and no wonder when subjects like blockchain were on the agenda, courtesy of Neil Singer, chief executive of clicktopurchase.

The sessions highlighted the transformative effect proptech is already having on the residential sector.

Land Insight co-founder Jonny Britton kicked off proceedings by telling delegates that “data is the new oil in proptech and now is the time to turn the raw product into opportunities”.

Stewart Bailey, managing director of Virtual Viewing, picked up the theme, suggesting that “the new reality of property marketing is already here”, thanks to augmented-reality (AR) and virtual-reality (VR) technology.

Later in the main conference hall, leading futurist Tom Cheesewright went further, predicting that “when AR usage hits 10 to 12 hours per day [per person] in the next decade, it might be hard to determine what ‘real reality’ is”.

Bringing things back to the here and now at Speakers’ Corner, Ramboll senior structural engineer Sarah Halpin said that the growing use of modular and offsite construction showed “the construction site of the future is already here”.

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