We have now started the second term at London South Bank University Bank which introduces us to a more advanced level in our real estate study. 

This includes property investment appraisal, property development appraisal, corporate real estate management and landlord and tenant law and valuation. 

We are also receiving our marks for the coursework and examinations from the first term. I am really pleased with how I have been doing and the marks I have received so far have been high.

It is time to start thinking about our dissertation and we need to come up with a research proposal for it this term.

This is a real chance for us to find something that we find interesting and research something new.

I am thinking of researching something on sustainability; I feel this is where the real estate industry needs to grow and show some leadership in reducing the impact we have on the environment.

The great thing about being at London South Bank University Bank is that they are introducing us to so many new things that are going to be useful for us in our future careers and finding this future career is something we are all pursuing.