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  • Matt Peaty

    Separated at birth: Matt Peaty and Matthew Goode


    Metropolis thinks Matt Peaty, the new head of health and safety at Real Estate Management, and Downton Abbey and The Imitation Game actor Matthew Goode have more in common than just their first name: they look a lot like each other too.

  • Tim Shearman

    Separated at birth: Tim Shearman and David Costabile


    Metropolis isn’t sure whether actor David Costabile, star of the US movie Lincoln and TV shows including Billions and Suits, and Aprirose’s recently appointed chief executive Tim Shearman have much in common, but the pair certainly do share a likeness.

  • Kimmre Mike Burden

    Separated at birth: Joe Thomas and Mike Burden


    Looks like fresh-faced Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas has put the yellow Fiat Cinquecento and adolescent escapades with Will, Jay and Neil behind him to land a grown-up job in property, as a partner at Kimmre… Ah no, that’ll be his boyish lookalike Mike Burden.

  • Katy Wix

    Separated at birth: Rebecca Halbert and Katy Wix


    Metropolis was surprised to see a woman famed for Not Going Out going in to a new role at GVA but it turns out the consultancy’s new marketing manager Rebecca Halbert just shares a strong likeness with the BBC show’s Daisy aka actress Katy Wix.

  • AlexNotay2

    Separated at birth: Alex Notay and Catherine Tate


    This year’s RESI Convention promises to be one of the best yet. Metropolis was particularly pleased to see comedienne and actress Catherine Tate listed as one of the speakers. But it turns out it’s just her doppelgänger, PfP Capital’s Alex Notay.

  • Katrina Kostic Samen BCO

    Separated at birth: Laura Linney and Katrina Kostic Samen


    Metropolis was surprised to see that The Truman Show and Ozark actress Laura Linney had opted for a major career change, taking up the role of president of the British Council of Offices. It turns out it was actually her doppelgänger Katrina Kostic Samen.

  • Maria Sharapova_shutterstock_1059062966_cred Fabio Diena

    Separated at birth: Natalie Sauber and Maria Sharapova


    Metropolis doesn’t know whether Natalie Sauber, the new senior strategic researcher at property consultancy Arcadis, and former singles number one Maria Sharapova share a love of tennis, but the two certainly share a likeness.

  • Edward Furlong

    Separated at birth: Edward Furlong and Morten Møller Holst


    Metropolis had to do a double-take when it saw a young Edward Furlong, US actor and musician, on Property Week’s People Moves page, but it was actually BrickVest’s recently appointed chief operating officer Morten Møller Holst.

  • Mark Bott Colliers

    Separated at birth: Andre Agassi and Mark Bott


    As Wimbledon gets under way, Metropolis expected former champion Andre Agassi to pop up on the sports pages, not on Property Week’s People Moves page. Turns out he just shares a strong likeness with new Colliers head of serviced offices Mark Bott.

  • Ed Balls_shutterstock_518947444_cred Twocoms

    Separated at birth: Lee Bedford and Ed Balls


    Metropolis doesn’t know if Crown Workspace’s recently appointed senior commercial and operations manager Lee Bedford has ever strutted his stuff in sequins but he certainly shares a likeness with former shadow chancellor and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ed Balls.

  • Josh Beer_CBRE

    Separated at birth: Josh Beer and Adam Buxton


    Metropolis was surprised to see comedian, writer and actor Adam Buxton on last week’s people moves page. It was actually his doppelgänger Josh Beer, the recently appointed EMEA head of workplace business at CBRE.

  • Danny Murphy_rexfeatures_8890612a_cred Bruce Adams_Associated Newspapers_SINGLE USE ONLY

    Separated at birth: Chris Wieszczycki and Danny Murphy


    Metropolis was surprised to see Match of the Day pundit Danny Murphy applying his commentary skills to urban design in a recent PW professional column. Turns out it was actually tp bennett’s principal director Chris Wieszczycki and not the man bound for a World Cup studio tomorrow.

  • Duncan Foster

    Separated at birth: Duncan Foster and Phil Jupitus


    Metropolis doesn’t know if Duncan Foster, recently-appointed business development manager at SDL Property Partners, is as quick-witted as Phil Jupitus, but he certainly shares a strong likeness with the comedian and Never Mind the Buzzcocks team captain.

  • Tim Cooney Colliers

    Separated at birth: Tom Cruise and Tim Cooney


    Metropolis thought it would be Mission: Impossible to find someone who looked like Hollywood heart-throb Tom Cruise. However, we reckon Tim Cooney, a recently appointed associate director at Colliers International, is the spitting image.


    Separated at birth: Paula Radcliffe and Rosalind Cullis


    Metropolis couldn’t help but notice long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe in this week’s professional section commenting on a fraud case. It turns out it was actually her doppelgänger Rosalind Cullis, senior associate at Kingsley Napley.

  • Tom Davis

    Separated at birth: Tom Davis and Mark Farmer


    Metropolis was surprised to see Mark Farmer pick up an award for best comedy programme at this year’s Bafta Television Awards. But it turns out the Cast chief executive just looks a lot like Tom Davis, star of the winning show Murder in Successville.

  • Mansour Bahrami_credit shutterstock Ferenc Szelepcsenyi_64242673

    Separated at birth: David Pearl and Mansour Bahrami


    Metropolis doesn’t know if David Pearl, Secret Millionaire and founder of commercial property agent Pearl & Coutts, has served as many aces as retired tennis player Mansour Bahrami, but the two certainly resemble one another.

  • John McEnroe_shutterstock_101127022_cred Ana-Maria Tanasescu

    Separated at birth: Adrian Willet and John McEnroe


    Metropolis isn’t sure whether Highgate co-founder and former CBRE director Adrian Willet is as confrontational when it comes to development as John McEnroe was on (and off) the court, but the pair certainly do share a likeness. 

  • Stephen Merchant_shutterstock_71886484_cred Photo Works

    Separated at birth: Ben Marston and Stephen Merchant


    Ben Marston, director at architecture firm Jestico + Whiles, may not have written or directed a hit show like The Office, but Metropolis is sure he is used to spending a great deal of time in an office… perhaps just not on Slough Trading Estate. What do you think?

  • Judd apatow shutterstock 99816497 cred s bukley

    Separated at birth: Judd Apatow and Cos Constantinou


    Metropolis was surprised to see film and television producer Judd Apatow on this week’s people moves page, but it was actually his doppelgänger Cos Constantinou, a recently appointed director at Leslie Jones Architecture. What do you think?