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  • Kate lay landwood

    Separated at birth: Kate Lay and Lucy Porter


    Metropolis doesn’t know whether Landwood Property Auctions’ newly appointed director Kate Lay enjoys making people laugh as much as stand-up comedian, writer and actress Lucy Porter, but the pair certainly share a strong likeness.

  • James Cons

    Separated at birth: James Cons and William Shatner


    Metropolis doesn’t know if Leslie Jones’s managing director James Cons has plans to boldly go where no man has gone before, but he does bear a striking resemblance to Captain Kirk of the starship USS Enterprise, aka Star Trek actor William Shatner.

  • Freddie oakey db symmetry

    Separated at birth: Freddie Oakey and Freddie Highmore


    Metropolis assumes db symmetry associate development director Freddie Oakey doesn’t share the psychopathic tendencies of Norman Bates, but he definitely shares a likeness – as well as a name – with the actor who plays him in Bates Motel. 

  • Gerry ferguson aberdeen

    Separated at birth: Gerry Ferguson and Christopher Lee


    Metropolis thinks Aberdeen UK Property Fund’s lead fund manager Gerry Ferguson, who recently announced his retirement, bears a striking resemblance to famous horror film actor Christopher Lee. We hope he finds plenty to sink his teeth into when he finally steps down.

  • Nigel Williams

    Separated at birth: Albert Einstein and Nigel Williams


    Property Week roundtables always feature intelligent discussion, but it was a real surprise to see Albert Einstein at last week’s debate on the future of car parks. It turns out Nigel Williams from Parking Matters just shares a strong likeness with the physicist.

  • Peter Mather

    Separated at birth: Peter Mather and Tony Hale


    Metropolis doesn’t know if Tristan Capital Partners’ outgoing managing director – investments Peter Mather is as neurotic as Arrested Development character Buster Bluth, but he definitely shares a likeness with actor Tony Hale.

  • Geoff pearce 2016

    Separated at birth: Geoff Pearce and Bob Odenkirk


    Metropolis was surprised to see Swan Housing Association’s Geoff Pearce playing a small-time attorney in Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, but it turns out he just shares a strong likeness with US actor Bob Odenkirk.

  • Red gerard rexfeatures 9374143d cred xinhua news agency single use only

    Separated at birth: Joshua Franklin and Red Gerard


    The Winter Olympics is always fascinating but the men’s slopestyle final caught the eye of Savills’ Leeds office due to the uncanny resemblance between graduate surveyor Joshua Franklin and gold-medal winner Red Gerard.

  • Helen Berresford

    Separated at birth: Helen Berresford and Maureen Lipman


    On paper Helen Berresford – a partner at Sheppard Robson – and award-winning actress Maureen Lipman have little in common. However, Metropolis couldn’t help noticing that the two share a striking resemblance.

  • Gary gibbons

    Separated at birth: Tom Hanks and Gary Gibbons


    With the release of the latest Oscar-nominated film, The Post, starring Tom Hanks, head of property management at London Clancy Gary Gibbons says he has received even more attention than normal. 

  • Tamsin greig

    Separated at birth: Amy James and Tamsin Greig


    Metropolis was surprised to hear that Green Wing actress Tamsin Greig is now working at London & Cambridge Properties – but it turns out she just bears a strong resemblance to recently promoted director Amy James.

  • Stephanie ashman

    Separated at birth: Stephanie Ashman and Miranda Hart


    Metropolis doesn’t know if Brasier Freeth associate Stephanie Ashman is as funny as Miranda Hart, but she certainly shares a likeness with the award-winning comedian, actress and writer.

  • Jens Lehmann

    Separated at birth: Jens Lehmann and Tom Elliott


    This week’s McKay Securities profile proved revealing about the REIT in more ways than one, not least the likeness between property director Tom Elliott and former Arsenal shot stopper Jens Lehmann.

  • Ryan Tedder

    Separated at birth: Ryan Tedder and James Haestier


    With two million records sold last year, OneRepublic will have been on many holiday playlists, maybe even at Colliers where industrial director James Haestier shares a strong likeness with frontman Ryan Tedder.

  • Andrew hawkins jll

    Separated at birth: Andrew Hawkins and Karl Pilkington


    With a recent appointment at Cushman to celebrate, Andrew Hawkins must have had a better Christmas than a man with whom he shares a strong likeness: Karl Pilkington – assuming he understands snow and didn’t receive a broken computer, that is.

  • Carice van Houten

    Separated at birth: Carice van Houten and Viktoria Roy


    Metropolis was surprised to see Stephen George + Partners’ Viktoria Roy as Melisandre in fantasy drama TV show Game of Thrones, but it turns out she just shares a strong likeness with actress Carice van Houten.

  • Nicholas vetch

    Separated at birth: Nicholas Vetch and Malcolm McLaren


    Metropolis doesn’t know what music Big Yellow executive chairman Nicholas Vetch is into, but he does pass as a decent double of late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, the man who claimed to have invented punk.

  • Paul Collingwood

    Separated at birth: Paul Collingwood and Grant Leggett


    With the eagerly awaited Ashes series kicking off in Australia this week, Metropolis thinks Boyer’s London office head Grant Leggett bears a striking resemblance to the tourists’ fielding coach and former Ashes hero Paul Collingwood. 

  • Rob walker

    Separated at birth: Martin Hamer and Rob Walker


    Come on, Edwards & Co director Martin Hamer, give us a blast of “Let’s get the boys on the baize!” Metropolis bets you even sound just like BBC snooker MC Rob Walker.

  • Simon Bird

    Separated at birth: Simon Bird and Adam Caplan


    This pair share a resemblance and an evident love of their briefcases. One is Simon Bird, aka Will from E4’s The Inbetweeners , and the other is CBRE associate director Adam Caplan - but which is which?