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  • Giles Roberts Colliers International Retail Capital Markets Director

    Separated at birth: Giles Roberts and Ben Howard


    It would be fitting if Colliers director Giles Roberts has songwriting skills to match his shopping centre knowledge, because he’s an absolute ringer for Brit Award winner Ben Howard.

  • Rev Richard Coles

    Separated at birth: Reverend Richard Coles and Ian Hughes


    Does Mason Partners partner Ian Hughes have dancing feet? He certainly shares a strong likeness with a man who recently displayed a unique set of moves on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing , Reverend Richard Coles.

  • Luke O'Nien

    Separated at birth: Luke O’Nien and Matthew Hallett


    With the Premier League on an international break, our eyes recently turned to the lower leagues to spot the likeness between Wycombe Wanderers midfielder Luke O’Nien and CBRE’s new retail analyst Matthew Hallett.

  • Ibtissem Sfaxi

    Separated at birth: Ibtissem Sfaxi and Kirsty Young


    Metropolis isn’t sure which records Ibtissem Sfaxi would take if her new role at Hodes Weill Associates sent her to a desert island, but we do know she shares a strong likeness with the Radio 4 show’s host Kirsty Young.

  • andrew strauss

    Separated at birth: Andrew Strauss and Peter Mayo


    It’s been a tough week or so for director of England cricket Andrew Strauss. First he unveiled England’s squad for the upcoming Ashes, then he had to deal with the fallout of Ben Stokes’ nightclub ruckus. Perhaps he should employ his doppelgänger, new Acuitus investment director Peter Mayo , to ...

  • Will Grant Alder King

    Separated at birth: Will Grant and Micky Flanagan


    Something about Will Grant, associate at valuer Alder King , reminds Metropolis of comedian Micky Flanagan. You know, the one who’s always on the panel shows. No one has ever seen his legs. .

  • Marc Chapman

    Separated at birth: Marc Chapman and Robert Plant


    It was clear to Metropolis who House of the RESI Sons and Daughters front man Marc Chapman was channelling as he rocked Celtic Manor. Move over Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. There’s someone else rocking that hairstyle in town.

  • Sam Quek

    Separated at birth: Sam Quek and Jayme McArthur


    Iceni Projects’ new director Jayme McArthur may not have the athletic prowess of Rio 2016 Olympic gold medallist Sam Quek, but she does share a strong likeness with the glamorous England hockey star.

  • Rich Sommer

    Separated at birth: Rich Sommer and Andreas Scriven


    Metropolis isn’t sure whether Andreas Scriven drove as hard a bargain in becoming Deloitte’s new head of UK leisure as Harry Crane did with the Sterling Cooper agency in Mad Men , but he does have some of actor Rich Sommer’s style.

  • Philip Hammond

    Separated at birth: Philip Hammond and Tony Wheeler


    Metropolis is not convinced Fleurets valuer Tony Wheeler would agree with the positive value chancellor Philip Hammond places on the 3% stamp duty surcharge, but looks-wise there is a definite likeness, don’t you think?

  • Michael Gallagher PGIM

    Separated at birth: Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gallagher


    Many people were surprised to see Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg take such a strong stance on stamp duty , but Metropolis was equally surprised to see how strong a resemblance he shares with PGIM’s Michael Gallagher. .

  • emmy rossum

    Separated at birth: Emmy Rossum and Ana Nekhamkin


    We’re not sure if Inhabit MD Ana Nekhamkin can hold a tune like Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera, but she does share a striking likeness with actress Emmy Rossum, who played the character in the Hollywood musical.

  • joe wicks

    Separated at birth: Joe Wicks and Adam Williams


    Adam Williams, associate at building surveyor Bruceshaw, is a dead ringer for social media health guru Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach. But is it purely a facial resemblance, or does he have a ripped body to match?.

  • Robert Orr

    Separated at birth: Robert Orr and Alex MacQueen


    Titlestone chief executive Robert Orr has made many big strategic calls to take the firm to £2bn in drawn-down facilities , but probably none as wacky as his lookalike, The Thick of It ’s ‘blue-skies adviser’ Julius Nicholson, aka actor Alex MacQueen.

  • Anna Kendrick

    Separated at birth: Becky Hance and Anna Kendrick


    Metropolis isn’t sure whether newly promoted Colliers International director Becky Hance is as pitch perfect as actress and singer Anna Kendrick but she does share a near perfect likeness with the star of the Pitch Perfect franchise.

  • Sean Dyche

    Separated at birth: Sean Dyche and Andrew Blackshaw


    Is Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche keeping himself busy during pre-season with a new role at MAG Property? No, it turns out he just shares a likeness with MAG’s new strategic asset manager Andrew Blackshaw .

  • Michael Gill

    Separated at birth: Michael Gill and Charlie Green


    When Norwood said there would be a guest presenter at its recent Property Lunch Awards , we weren’t expecting anyone of the calibre of House of Cards star Michael Gill, but it turns out he just shares a strong likeness with The Office Group’s Charlie Green.

  • Joff Sharpe

    Separated at birth: Joff Sharpe and Derek Thompson


    Metropolis did a double-take after thinking British Land’s head of operations Joff Sharpe was hosting Royal Ascot coverage last week. It turned out he just shares a strong likeness with At The Races presenter Derek Thompson.

  • Antony Cotton

    Separated at birth: Antony Cotton and Richard Palmer


    Metropolis is inclined to order a pint of Newton and Ridley from Richard Palmer, new associate partner at Carter Jonas, so close is his resemblance to Antony Cotton, the actor who plays Coronation Street’s barman Sean.

  • Eddie Jones

    Separated at birth: Eddie Jones and Ross McNulty


    When Metropolis heard Robertson’s new director had a strong rugby pedigree, we were not expecting a titan of the game like England head coach Eddie Jones. But alas, it was his lookalike, ex-Scottish international Ross McNulty.