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  • Amber Rudd

    Separated at birth: Amber Rudd and Rosie Toogood


    Flicking through our people moves, Metropolis was surprised to see Amber Rudd hadn’t waited until the election result to move to another role, but it turns out L G’s Rosie Toogood just shares a strong likeness to the home secretary.

  • guillaume_doucet_cardiff

    Separated at birth: Sebastian Southward and Guillaume Doucet


    The sun may have been out in the UK of late, but there’s still a chill in the offices of Welsh auction house HRT, with sales negotiator Sebastian Southward bearing a striking likeness to Canadian ice hockey star Guillaume Doucet, formerly of the nearby Cardiff Devils.

  • Ekaterina Avdonina

    Separated at birth: Diane Kruger and Ekaterina Avdonina


    This week’s supplement highlights the growing spread of sheds but Metropolis was still initially surprised to see it’s reached the attention of actress and former model Diane Kruger – but it turns out she just shares a strong likeness with Delin Capital’s Ekaterina Avdonina .

  • Nick Knight

    Separated at birth: Nick Knight and Bobby Barnett


    This winter’s Ashes may be in doubt with the Aussies’ pay dispute, but there’s no doubting the likeness between former England cricketer and TV pundit Nick Knight and Countrywide Residential Investments director Bobby Barnett.

  • Jamie Lester Aitch Group

    Separated at birth: Shia LaBeouf and Jamie Lester


    When Metropolis heard the new Aitch Group director had appeared on the box we were not expecting a bona fide movie actor in the form of Shia LaBeouf. Our mistake. It was a star of the small screen: former Apprentice star Jamie Lester.

  • Sibel Osman_Resi Land

    Separated at birth: Shappi Khorsandi and Sibel Osman


    RESI Awards launch parties are always glamorous but Metropolis was a little surprised to see comedian Shappi Khorsandi at Resi Land HQ last week but it turns out she just shares a strong likeness with the host’s investment consultant Sibel Osman.

  • Sam Allardyce

    Separated at birth: Alex Sharp and Sam Allardyce


    We’re not sure if CBRE’s new data expert Alex Sharp celebrated his appointment with “a pint of wine” but he does share a strong likeness with Crystal Palace and former England manager Sam Allardyce.

  • Miles Jupp

    Separated at birth: Steve Jude and Miles Jupp


    It’s a good thing Citibase’s Steve Jude raises some serious points in his latest column on the rise of the regions otherwise Metropolis could easily have confused him with BBC Radio 4 funny man Miles Jupp.

  • Donald_Tusk

    Separated at birth: Donald Tusk and David Edwards


    Metropolis wouldn’t want Brexit to come and go without acknowledging the striking likeness between president of the European Council Donald Tusk and Metrus’s head of asset management David Edwards.

  • Sally Bruer

    Separated at birth: Sally Bruer and Laura Kuenssberg


    Maybe the charged atmosphere of Article 50 and indyref2 has got BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg on Metropolis’s brain, but we couldn’t help notice the similarity between her and Tritax’s new head of research Sally Bruer.

  • Andrew Percival sep

    Separated at birth: Andrew Percival and Kelsey Grammer


    Readers may have found quite a few humorous lines in PW’s interview with UPP’s Andrew Percival last week, maybe that’s down to the subject’s striking likeness to Frasier and Simpsons star Kelsey Grammer.

  • Rupert Perkins

    Separated at birth: Rupert Perkins and Charlie Stayt


    As ‘property pundits’ like Andy Teacher and even our own Guy Montague-Jones increasingly fill BBC airwaves, we got to thinking that Squarebrook’s founder Rupert Perkins could easily front BBC Breakfast given his likeness to host Charlie Stayt

  • Mark Williams Hark

    Separated at birth: Mark Williams and Heston Blumenthal


    With fine dining aplenty on offer in Cannes, Metropolis would like to anoint Hark Group’s Mark Williams as property’s most likely to deliver a Heston Blumenthal-style culinary creation… or at least carry off his look.

  • Peter York

    Separated at birth: Jason Biggs and Peter York


    If anyone leaves a pie out in CBRE’s national office agency department, colleagues may find out whether it’s more than just a likeness that surveyor Peter York shares with American Pie’s Jim Levenstein (AKA actor Jason Biggs).

  • Tim Rodber

    Separated at birth: Sean Lock and Tim Rodber


    Normally football is the ‘funny old game’ but, given how founding Instant Group seems to have transformed former England prop Tim Rodber into comedian Sean Lock, perhaps rugby union should assume that mantle.

  • Tintin

    Separated at birth: Tintin and Rob Faulkner


    When he’s not managing Lambert Smith Hampton’s London properties, Rob Faulkner can often be seen taking on dangerous cases with his dog Snowy. Or is that Belgian cartoon reporter Tintin? Metropolis can’t tell the difference.

  • John Cusack

    Separated at birth: John Cusack and David Lockyer


    Readers of last week’s comments section may have wondered what that guy from High Fidelity knows about property, so close is the resemblance between British Land’s David Lockyer and actor John Cusack.

  • Ben Ryan

    Separated at birth: Ben Ryan and Matthew Jones


    As the Six Nations kicked off, clients of Fletcher Morgan could be forgiven for a double-take of the Welsh sideline, with graduate surveyor Matthew Jones bearing more than a passing likeness to coach Ben Ryan.

  • Adam Rosan_Kalmars_low_res

    Separated at birth: Adam Rosan and Tom Hardy


    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier … er, consultant? The Cold War espionage thriller movie might not have had the same ring if KALMARs’ Adam Rosan had been cast in his job role, but he could easily have doubled in Tom Hardy’s role as Ricki Tarr.

  • neopalpa donaldtrumpi_credit Dr Vazrick Nazari

    Separated at birth: Donald Trump and Neopalpa donaldtrumpi


    Donald Trump has shocked the world in many ways lately, none of them more bizarre than having inspired the name of the micro moth Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, newly discovered by Dr Vazrick Nazari.