Steve Norris

Steve Norris

Steve Norris is chairman of Soho Estates and senior adviser to BNP Paribas Real Estate and a former Transport Minister and London mayoral candidate - you can find him on Twitter at @StevenJNorris

  • Housing development with green space

    Planning reform may sow dissent


    There’s no doubt Boris Johnson wants to do something to stimulate housing numbers, for which he deserves some credit. The question of course is whether the recent slew of announcements is likely to survive any longer than most government decisions these days, when U-turns appear to be the order of ...

  • Boris Johnson

    Property needs clear leadership


    I’ve voted Conservative all my life largely because I don’t believe governments run things well – quite the opposite; most nationalised industries were effectively bankrupt before they were privatised.

  • Boris Johnson

    A long road to recovery


    The tectonic plates are moving – and not before time.

  • Soho in lockdown

    A temporary stop to traffic could kick-start Soho’s recovery


    For some time, I have argued that the corona cure is worse than the disease. To keep overweight septuagenarians like me alive, the next generation is paying an awfully high price. And closer to home, the damage to our economy is utterly unimaginable.

  • Theresa May

    It’s time to take tough decisions


    It’s not good out there. However much we enjoy not having to dress up for work or sniff armpits on a crowded train, the fact is Zoom is no substitute for face-to-face meetings.

  • Covid-19

    Covid-19 pandemic poses the ultimate arbitrage


    We are living through the most devastating period in modern history. The damage caused to our economy and society by the 2008 financial crash pales into insignificance by comparison.

  • Heathrow sign and plane

    Ruling against third Heathrow runway sets dangerous precedent


    You might expect me to be pleased at the recent Appeal Court ruling that the government had wrongly given Heathrow’s third runway the go ahead, given that I never believed it made economic or environmental sense.

  • Esther McVey

    No. 10: who stays and who goes?


    When Stephen Barclay, the secretary of state at the Department for Exiting the European Union, resigned at 23:01 hours on 31 January as his department wound itself up, he started the reshuffle Boris made clear would follow once we had formally left the EU.

  • Boris Johnson

    Tory victory signals big changes


    So after all that, we have a government with a decent majority and a pretty clear objective – to get Brexit done and to level some of the gross inequality that still exists between London and the home counties and the rest of the country.

  • Polling station

    May the finger-biting now be over


    By the time you read this I hope you’ll have done your duty and voted.

  • Boris Johnson

    Johnson is clearly in his element


    So Boris finally got the election he was calling for.

  • London houses for sale and rent

    Owning a home no longer sacred


    I bought my first flat in Notting Hill in 1969 for £11,500. I daren’t think what it’s worth today, but it will be more like £1.5m.

  • Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson

    Get this Brexit mess over with


    Honestly? I haven’t a clue. I can’t think of anything else to say to the steady stream of enquirers including several MP friends who ask: what on earth is going on in our politics and more to the point where is it all going to lead?

  • Keir Starmer

    Expect an election by Christmas


    Not much happens in politics in August. The few decent political programmes go off air and we indulge in what is known in the trade as the silly season – when the aftermath of Love Island is more prominent in public discourse than global warming.

  • Boris Johnson

    Bluster alone will not be enough


    If you voted for Boris, you’ve certainly had your money’s worth so far.

  • Jeremy Hunt

    Hunt’s the only man for the job


    As the Tory leadership hustings grind on, the process seems increasingly irrelevant because Conservative Central Office was foolish enough to send ballot papers out too early.

  • Boris Johnson

    Anyone but Boris for Tory leader


    So farewell then, Theresa May. You are a decent, dedicated, hardworking person who bore a great burden with dignity and fortitude. You have earned our sympathy. Sadly, you were quite spectacularly incapable of discharging the responsibilities of prime minister.

  • WeWork London

    We ignore WeWork at our peril


    Liz Hamson’s piece last week on great places to work reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a group of industry colleagues about WeWork. Was it likely to IPO at a huge price or was it actually bound to crash and burn? Frankly my dear, I don’t give ...

  • May with EU Flags

    To end Brexit fiasco May must go


    Liz Hamson commented in last week’s editorial that whatever other impacts Brexit might have had on the UK economy, it doesn’t seem to have damaged the residential sector as much as anyone might have predicted. I’ve always said that this would be the case.

  • Service charges

    Finding a service charge solution


    I’m ignoring Brexit. Despite having been an MP for 15 years, a minister for five and a former party vice-chairman, I haven’t a clue what will have happened by the time you read this. I am reassured by the knowledge that nobody from the prime minister down knows either.

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