Steve Norris

Steve Norris

Steve Norris is chairman of Soho Estates and senior adviser to BNP Paribas Real Estate and a former Transport Minister and London mayoral candidate - you can find him on Twitter at @StevenJNorris

  • London houses for sale and rent

    Owning a home no longer sacred


    I bought my first flat in Notting Hill in 1969 for £11,500. I daren’t think what it’s worth today, but it will be more like £1.5m.

  • Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson

    Get this Brexit mess over with


    Honestly? I haven’t a clue. I can’t think of anything else to say to the steady stream of enquirers including several MP friends who ask: what on earth is going on in our politics and more to the point where is it all going to lead?

  • Keir Starmer

    Expect an election by Christmas


    Not much happens in politics in August. The few decent political programmes go off air and we indulge in what is known in the trade as the silly season – when the aftermath of Love Island is more prominent in public discourse than global warming.

  • Boris Johnson

    Bluster alone will not be enough


    If you voted for Boris, you’ve certainly had your money’s worth so far.

  • Jeremy Hunt

    Hunt’s the only man for the job


    As the Tory leadership hustings grind on, the process seems increasingly irrelevant because Conservative Central Office was foolish enough to send ballot papers out too early.

  • Boris Johnson

    Anyone but Boris for Tory leader


    So farewell then, Theresa May. You are a decent, dedicated, hardworking person who bore a great burden with dignity and fortitude. You have earned our sympathy. Sadly, you were quite spectacularly incapable of discharging the responsibilities of prime minister.

  • WeWork London

    We ignore WeWork at our peril


    Liz Hamson’s piece last week on great places to work reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a group of industry colleagues about WeWork. Was it likely to IPO at a huge price or was it actually bound to crash and burn? Frankly my dear, I don’t give ...

  • May with EU Flags

    To end Brexit fiasco May must go


    Liz Hamson commented in last week’s editorial that whatever other impacts Brexit might have had on the UK economy, it doesn’t seem to have damaged the residential sector as much as anyone might have predicted. I’ve always said that this would be the case.

  • Service charges

    Finding a service charge solution


    I’m ignoring Brexit. Despite having been an MP for 15 years, a minister for five and a former party vice-chairman, I haven’t a clue what will have happened by the time you read this. I am reassured by the knowledge that nobody from the prime minister down knows either.

  • Merkel and May

    Signs of hope in Brexit endgame


    Property has had a rough time over the past few years at the hands of government.

  • Technology

    Tech not politics is market driver


    There’s no point speculating on where our exit (or indeed non-exit) from the European Union is headed anymore.

  • Theresa May

    Brexit-neutral candidates will have edge in any Tory leadership challenge


    It may well be the most significant issue for the UK in decades but there is no point in my writing about what happens next in the saga known as Brexit because I haven’t the vaguest idea where we are headed and nor, more to the point, does anyone from ...

  • London houses for sale and rent_shutterstock_cred Ttatty PW270418_

    Fear of being seen as party of the rich warps Tory policy on home ownership


    We all know what the Budget did for residential property owners (correct answer: not much) but it’s worth understanding the politics behind some of Philip Hammond’s decisions to gauge what’s likely to happen in the future.

  • Flats

    There is a model of freehold that can work for tenants and owners alike


    This week, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced a consultation on a major reform of ground rents. In many respects it’s kicking at an open door.

  • Steve Norris - RESI

    RESI 2018: Steve Norris Interview


    Speaking exclusively to Property Week at the RESI Convention 2018, chairman of Soho Estates Steve Norris talks about Brexit, help-to-buy and much more.

  • Crossrail train

    Are we really getting value for money from big transport projects?


    London’s Crossrail project has been having some bad press recently. We now know the final outturn will be close to £1bn more than originally planned and the start date on the central section is delayed by nearly a year while they sort out signalling problems. This is a shame because ...

  • The Collective Old Oak

    Don't blame councils for trying to make ends meet


    Politicians and journalists call August the silly season because, like most people, MPs are on holiday. So is most of the rest of the country, and generally not much goes on. So hats off to Property Week, which last week shed light on a couple of significant stories that deserve ...

  • May with EU Flags

    May clings on despite a battering from Trump and the Brexiteers


    What with Trump’s visit and Theresa’s travails – not to mention ’It’s not Coming Home’ in precisely the way we all allowed ourselves to dream – it’s been a rare week or so to be alive in our United Kingdom.

  • Crossrail Elizabeth Line

    The government must make the right connections to bridge north-south divide


    We are a nation divided. The last election resulted in the two-party system reasserting itself, but few voters have much confidence in either.

  • London

    Latest London mayors have jeopardised capital’s world-beating reputation


    In 1992, John Major asked me to join the Department for Transport and look after London.

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