Why Real Estate Fund Managers should care about social value

Mitchell Labiak, Property Week news editor sits down with Claire Bradbury to discuss the rise of social value being recognised as an integral part of net zero strategies as opposed to a bolt-on afterthought.

Property Week’s Climate Crisis Challenge Campaign, is bringing sustainability business intelligence, climate leadership and evidence of solutions and actions into sharp focus.

Claire Bradbury, who leads on Wellbeing and Social Value at Carbon Intelligence (a sustainability data and consulting firm), urged asset and fund managers to apply a social value strategy at portfolio level and to move away from only considering building occupiers in their social value programmes.

“The risk of not embedding social value as a strategic programme follows a similar trajectory to failure to decarbonise; a loss in premium tenants, reduced access to investment, lower footfall, loss of productivity; and the possibility of social segregation at community level.”

Claire Bradbury, Senior Consultant, Carbon Intelligence