Monitoring and protecting remote sites, access roads or buildings is challenging. Traditional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems require mains power and cabled connectivity together with monitoring and maintenance contracts. These are expensive, and time consuming to put in place and not suitable for short-term development or building sites.

Diesel or hydrogen generators are vulnerable, and you may be liable for any expensive repairs or damage caused by contractors or vandals. You are also bringing flammable material onto site.

Secure Empty Property has innovative CCTV technology to overcome these issues. The new Ultra Revo CCTV system can be deployed anywhere – fast. Even off-grid without mains power, we can provide high-definition CCTV coverage to detect vehicles, trespassers, squatters or travellers’ day or night.

The Secure Empty Property Ultra Revo CCTV system gives 360-Degree protection and can be wall or mobile Tower mounted. Up to 5 meters high, a single Tower can provide coverage over a vast area.

Monitored and controlled by the user smart phone or remote PC, clients can pan, tilt and zoom cameras – even challenge trespassers with two-way voice. So no expensive, long-term monitoring agreements.

Available on a low-cost daily hire - UK wide – inclusive of delivery, maintenance and removal.

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