Two of the participants in the CBRE Great Property Bike Ride talk about why they enjoy the event.

David Kirkby, managing director, VALAD Europe

David Kirkby of VALAD Europe

Which course are you going to do?

I’m going to do the long course.

Are you a regular cyclist?

I ride into work from Weybridge in Surrey to Marble Arch two or three times a week, which is 23 miles. I live close to [CBRE MD] Ciaran Bird and he rides in as well from time to time. I did a long ride with my son at the weekend and we had several hours on the bikes and a lunch together. It’s very cool.

When did you start cycling?

I started riding bikes to school in Australia and I haven’t stopped. I’m 51 now. I still ride and race. I do both mountain and road bikes - I love riding bikes.

So 100km should be easy for you?

100km is pretty par for the course. I do it on a regular basis. I live in the area and I love the Surrey Hills - they’re beautiful. So the opportunity to go for a ride with a load of property guys is great.

Is it really a good networking opportunity?

I genuinely believe it is. You form long-term friendships on a bike because you ride alongside each other and chat and discuss things - some work-related, a lot not work-related - and you do form good relationships. You really get to know people because you’re sharing an experience that can be tough at times.


Toby Baines, chairman, Citygrove Securities

Toby Baines of Citygrove Securities

Which course are you going to do?

I’m doing the full 100km. To be completely honest with you, my training regime is looking pretty poor. As they say in life: turn up on the day and wing it.

Are you a keen cyclist?

I am very much a cyclist. I’ve done the Milan-to-Cannes ride before MAPIC for the last two years. And two weeks ago, I did St Tropez to Monaco with Prince Albert. I do regular big bike rides, but at a push and a struggle rather than finding it easy.

How long have you been cycling?

For many years - I’m 53 now - I ran marathons, before the hips and the knees gave up, so I’ve only been cycling for the last four years. It’s fantastic in terms of the exercise and the camaraderie.

Cycling seems to be the go-to sport for property people. Why do you think that is?

It’s funny because I can’t remember the last time that I was invited to a golf day. Cycling definitely seems to have replaced golf and other events. It’s something that a whole cross-section of people can do. If you look at the Great Property Cycle Ride, you can choose between distances of 35km, 50km and 100km. I just think it’s good fun and good exercise.