Lisa Commins, a senior surveyor at CBRE talks about taking on the World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride for the first time ever.

CBRE Bike Ride 3

I hadn’t been on a bike since childhood but recently I decided to take up cycling, and what better way to get into gear than to take part in a 100km bike ride up and down the Surrey Hills?

Although it’s my first time riding, this will be CBRE’s third year partnering with Shelter and the funds we are expecting to achieve will be at the front of my mind to provide the extra motivation. Whilst supporting a fantastic cause, the day is a great opportunity to meet and network with people in the business, and an excuse to spend a Thursday morning in the glorious British countryside (weather permitting!).

I am now completely kitted out (new road bike included), and after three months of training, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. Weekly 5am rides around Richmond Park have become – dare I say it – something I now look forward to, I have been building up slowly and giving my body time to adjust to new distances and training at Box Hill most weekends for a bit of extra mileage.  

This weekend I’ll be cycling 90km across Luxembourg as part of the Half Ironman relay, but thanks to some helpful tips from seasoned riders (link to Ben’s blog) I am not totally overwhelmed and looking forward to enjoying the scenic aspects of the ride while peddling along. Though I will admit I’ll definitely be opting for the elevator instead of the stairs next week!

Thankfully, CBRE’s World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride is targeted at all levels and abilities, so even if you aren’t one to prep with a training session in Luxembourg, you can come out to network, take in some fresh air, support a great cause, and earn that pint at the end of the finish line.

Lisa Commins, senior surveyor at CBRE

Note: you can still register for this year’s ride by emailing