Ben Rosewall of CBRE’s healthcare advisory team talks about his preparations for the World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride 2017.

CBRE Great Property Bike Ride 2015

Ben Rosewall is looking forward to getting back on the roads of Surrey with other riders for the new 2017 course

A day spent with friendly faces to support a great cause? Easy. Riding 50 to 100k up and down the Surrey Hills through unpredictable British weather? That’s ambitious.   

This year marks my third time taking on the epic 100k route at the CBRE World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride. Aside from the fact that it’s a great way to kick start your day, and spend some time in the glorious Surrey countryside, the event is an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and clients. 

At first, the ride can seem like a daunting task, but after almost eight years at the pedal, I’ve managed to construct what I think could be a winning formula.

  1. Get the miles in - try and get out for regular rides and look to increase the mileage gradually if not already comfortable riding 100k.
  2. Include some hills - the ride will challenge you with a number of iconic climbs, so make sure to get some practice climbing at various stages on your ride.
  3. Eat and drink regularly - breakfast won’t be enough to keep you going, so master the multitask operation of eating and drinking while you ride. Find what works best with your body and don’t try new things you haven’t used before on the day of the ride.
  4. Pace yourself - don’t go out to hard, know your limits and make sure you familiarise yourself with the route so you don’t get caught short. 
  5. Ride with friends - a 100k solo can be pretty lonely, so practice riding in a bunch.

CBRE’s World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride is targeted at all levels and abilities, but putting some time aside to prepare definitely makes the difference. Either way, it’s a fun day out and a great chance to meet some new faces. What’s more the heart of event is to raise awareness towards homeless in the UK.  Last year, over £40,000 was donated to Shelter, our charity partner, and this year we hope to raise even more. 

Ben Rosewall, director, healthcare advisory, CBRE UK