Rachael Elliott, associate director in UK research at CBRE, talks about her preparations for the World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride.

CBRE Great Property Bike Ride 2015

Cycling is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy some beautiful scenery

The moment I knew I had a whole five minutes to cycle a single mile in order to achieve a national record in my latest 30 mile time trial, all I felt was elation.

I’ll never forget the sensation of that final stretch in Cambridgeshire and it made all the hours of training worthwhile.

It’s those moments that get me out on the roads every day, working up to 450 miles a week. Whether it’s a gentle cycle around the green belt on the weekends, or warming up for a longer ride on my holidays, cycling is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

In the summer months, I aim to ramp up the speed training, while in the winter I will focus on base miles to keep my fitness up. I will always give every race my absolute all, but it’s not all about the competition or forking out for an expensive carbon-fibre bike. Since I started cycling, I’ve really enjoyed the social side of it. Even when you’re competing individually, there’s the opportunity to enjoy a sandwich and a drink after a race and it’s a fantastic way to meet new people. 

On a daily basis, I also love the 9 mile commute on my Brompton. This not only guarantees that I dodge the crowds on the underground, but it has led to a far healthier bank balance: I’ve managed to save £25,000 over the last 15 years thanks to cutting down on petrol, parking and tube fares. If that’s not an incentive to hop on your bike, I don’t know what is!

Next on the agenda is taking part in the CBRE World’s Biggest Property Bike Ride, and I’m aiming for a sub-three hour time for the 100k ‘epic’ route – though I may have to put in some extra training to keep the pace up on those hills.

That said, in order to complete the ride, there’s no need to follow such a mile intensive programme as I do. Yes, it’s not advisable to turn up on the day having done nothing at all, but a couple of hours at the weekend with friends will do.

For those who haven’t signed up simply because they assume it will be a load of lycra-clad pro-cyclists, put your name down: there will always be someone to lend a hand if you get a puncture or need a bit of a boost. Then, of course, there’s the refreshments and a de-brief afterwards to look forward to.  

To secure your place, and find out more, head to the website: www.cbre.co.uk/bikeride  

Rachael Elliott, associate director (UK research), CBRE