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  • China and India's new year fitness regime means we'll all be busy in 2013

    11 January 2013

    This is my fifth Christmas of turkey with rice and soy sauce, as I reflect back on another 12 months in the Asia- Pacific real estate market and think forward to 2013.

  • China is Asia-Pacific’s headline act as European pantomime continues

    06 January 2012

    This is my fourth Christmas in Asia and I am learning that the property markets out here don’t stand still for very long — 2009 was an earth-scorching “bust” when values fell by up to 60%; 2010 enjoyed a rapid recovery when office rents rose by 40% in some markets.

  • Despite their differences, markets of the east are full of promise

    17 December 2010

    When I moved to Asia in December 2008, the markets were in freefall. The west’s financial typhoon had crossed the Pacific, wrecking Asia’s export market

  • 2001: a property odyssey

    15 December 2000

    When I first saw Stanley Kubrick's futuristic film 2001: A Space Odyssey, I was just a lad and couldn't believe that such a distant year would ever arrive.But in just a few weeks, scarily enough, I will be toasting 2001 along with the rest of you.Looking back, I can now see why an internet year is described as the equivalent to three months of 'earth time'. On that basis, my virtual self has certainly aged fourfold since December 1999, an effect which unfortunately seems to be rubbin

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