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  • Gallagher Night_Walbrook

    What’s next for W&I insurance?


    Fierce competition in the warranty and indemnity insurance market has driven price reduction, coverage enhancement and genuine innovation over the past few years.

  • 17080_N18_press

    The office remix: Ministry of Sound's flexible workspace


    The Ministry of Sound’s creative director talks to Simon Creasey about its new co-working office venture

  • Retail technology

    Think tank: rise of the robo-agent?


    A growing percentage of an agent’s day-to-day tasks is being undertaken by technology. So what role are agents likely to play in the property industry of the future and should agencies view the ‘proptech revolution’ as a threat or as an opportunity to enhance their service offer? Freeths hosted a ...

  • Embassy top pic2

    Foreign matter: London embassy ownership

    2018-11-30T00:00:00+00:00By ,

    The embassy landscape is changing – and with it the owners. Emanuele Midolo and Graham Lanktree investigate who owns what and where, and ask how desirable overseas governments really are as tenants.

  • Jaywick Sands

    Shifting Sands: revival hopes for Jaywick Sands


    Three years after Jaywick Sands was named England’s most deprived ward, Adam Branson visits the Essex village – unwitting star of the recent US midterm elections – to find out how much has changed

  • Sheds Dagenham

    Spotlight on studios


    A severe studio shortage is a major threat to the UK’s booming film and TV industry. Simon Creasey asks whether enough new space can be delivered

  • Retail Apocalypse

    Retail outlook: high noon on the high street

    2018-11-16T00:00:00+00:00By Robyn Wilson

    With the number of collapses and CVAs likely to increase, what can be done to survive the retail apocalypse?

  • Warehouse

    Would no deal be such a bad deal?

    2018-11-13T13:42:00+00:00By Nick Hughes

    The prospect of a no-deal or hard Brexit has prompted companies to start stockpiling goods. Will it lead to increased demand for space?

  • Retail trends

    Retail trends: the high street paradox


    Data compiled by CACI reveals that there is hope for shopping centres amid the chaos – and the winners will be those that provide the best experience. Simon Creasey reports

  • Yardi co working roundtable

    Yardi think tank: the future of coworking


    The evolution of the flexible office sector has shaken up the real estate industry and has arguably changed it for the better. Yardi recently brought together a panel of experts to discuss the many segments of flexible offices and what lies in store for the sector.

  • PWMA 2018 Award Winners

    All-Star quality: PWMA awards


    The best and brightest were crowned at the third annual Property Week Management All-Stars awards last week.

  • Saudi's

    Saudi investment: business as usual?


    Following the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Emanuele Midolo asks whether international outcry could stem the flow of Saudi money into UK property.

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