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PW's Client Solutions platform offers thought-leadership and content marketing campaigns delivering think tanks, round tables and bespoke events featuring insights from the people who drive the industry.

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Latest Client Solutions insights

  • Gallagher Night_Walbrook

    What’s next for W&I insurance?


    Fierce competition in the warranty and indemnity insurance market has driven price reduction, coverage enhancement and genuine innovation over the past few years.

  • Retail technology

    Think tank: rise of the robo-agent?


    A growing percentage of an agent’s day-to-day tasks is being undertaken by technology. So what role are agents likely to play in the property industry of the future and should agencies view the ‘proptech revolution’ as a threat or as an opportunity to enhance their service offer? Freeths hosted a ...

  • Collegiate Fontenoy Apartments Liverpool

    Student accommodation: a degree of excellence


    As the choice of student accommodation broadens, students will look to trusted brand groups such as Collegiate to ensure that they each get their ideal living environment, says its CEO Heriberto Cuanalo

  • Instant group flexible offices

    Technology helps to drive the coworking revolution

    2018-11-20T12:34:00+00:00By Tony Freeth

    The right software is key to providing the range of flexible office services a wide range of occupiers now require.

  • Yardi co working roundtable

    Yardi think tank: the future of coworking


    The evolution of the flexible office sector has shaken up the real estate industry and has arguably changed it for the better. Yardi recently brought together a panel of experts to discuss the many segments of flexible offices and what lies in store for the sector.

  • Industrial Logistics graphic

    What’s in store for logistics?


    Savills, db symmetry and Property Week brought together a panel of experts for the second annual Logistics Spotlight event, which followed this summer’s census survey of the industrial market.

  • 2 St-Peters-Sq Manchester

    The rebirth of Manchester: GL Hearn forum


    GL Hearn brought together a panel of experts at the start of October to discuss how Manchester has been transformed over the past three decades and how other cities can learn from its success.

  • CS_Lyvly_roundtable

    How to create real communities in BTR


    Lyvly is a shared living management specialist that works with build-to-rent developers to bring community into their buildings and beyond. It gathered a panel of experts to discuss what makes a successful community and how the industry can deliver it.

  • Walbrook

    What’s new in the W&I market?


    Warranty & indemnity insurance is still a relatively new insurance product, but it has been quickly accepted in the real estate advisory community. The product is rapidly evolving and growing awareness among investors has led to increased competition among insurers, especially on pricing and coverage. What does this mean for ...

  • Industrial  Logistics Census 2018

    Industrial & Logistics Census: logistics gets the thumbs-up

    2018-09-06T23:00:00+01:00By , ,

    More than half of the occupiers who took part in our logistics market census expect to take more space in the next two years, as professionals from across the sector remain positive that growth is set to continue.

  • Freeths proptech thinktank-4

    Measuring the impact of tech on property firms


    Earlier this year, Property Week, in association with Freeths, surveyed members of the property industry to find out what impact technology is having and will continue to have on their business over the next few years.

  • Goosechase_Ben Dombrandt and Mo Shaikh

    Wildgoose Chase: the chase is on...


    Industry members prepare to take part in annual Wildgoose Chase.

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