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  • WeWork

    Tech must go direct to end user


    In the third quarter of last year, global venture investments into proptech reached $24.6bn, surpassing the most optimistic estimates for the year and putting the industry on track to comfortably exceed the $30bn full-year mark.

  • Planning and dev

    Why leasehold reform is essential

    2020-02-14T00:00:00+00:00By Arshad Bhatti

    With a new government comes a new agenda, but some of the same arguments around leasehold reform continue to rumble on. This is perhaps to be expected, given that the UK uses a system of home ownership that is still rooted in medieval history.

  • The Pro-Bono Challenge logo

    Time for big players to do their bit


    Getting the UK property industry to deliver and measure true social impact, as a cogent part of their wider stakeholder strategies, is proving much more difficult than Property Week and Newcore had envisaged when we launched the Pro Bono Challenge at RESI last September.

  • Estate agent window

    London estate agents make hay


    “We’re now going to sealed bids on houses that we couldn’t get a single viewing for a few months ago.” This view from a south London estate agent is no flash in the pan. After many months in the deep freeze, the capital’s housing market seems to have thawed.

  • Old people on bench

    We must ensure seniors have access to safe and appropriate care

    2020-02-07T17:26:00+00:00By Jitesh Patel

    The news that we will see a 70,000 shortfall in seniors’ homes over the next decade is a timely reminder that ‘generation rent’ is not the only age group facing a housing crisis.

  • Co-living generic

    The beating heart of communities


    Until recently, one of my greatest regrets at work was that I hadn’t spent a significant amount of uninterrupted time with Greystar’s operations – including the property management, maintenance, front-of-house concierge and lettings teams – on the ground at one of our buildings.

  • Climate change

    Time to address the climate issue

    2020-02-07T00:00:00+00:00By Richard Rees

    As 2019 fades from view and we look back at it with an element of hindsight, I don’t think history is going to remember it as the year Brexit became a certainty, or even for England finally winning the Cricket World Cup – but as the year that the climate ...

  • Esther McVey

    No. 10: who stays and who goes?


    When Stephen Barclay, the secretary of state at the Department for Exiting the European Union, resigned at 23:01 hours on 31 January as his department wound itself up, he started the reshuffle Boris made clear would follow once we had formally left the EU.

  • Retail

    Retail will always have a place


    The end of 2019 ushered in a calmer UK political climate after the Conservatives’ decisive general election victory.

  • Shop sale signs

    We must act now to save retail


    The plight of the shopping centre in the UK is worrying… very worrying. Today, many if not all of our existing shopping centres simply would not be built. There is turmoil in this silo of the real estate market as net asset values, which equity capital markets have not believed ...

  • Construction

    Housebuilders have much to do

    2020-01-31T00:00:00+00:00By David Hershkorn

    Most people have rightly acknowledged that global warming is a very real problem. It does not recognise international borders or economic wealth; it affects us all and we all have a responsibility to address it.

  • Climate change

    Designing for a net-zero future


    London mayoral candidate Rory Stewart has faced a backlash after suggesting that trees should be planted on Regent Street. He tweeted that it was a “disgrace” that the historic street lacked greenery “crucial for the environment – carbon, air quality – but also for mental health and wellbeing”.

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