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PW Perspectives: Autumn 2022

Green construction shutterstock_1715608771 Ivan Kruk

Construction is taking key steps on road to net zero

2022-09-23T00:00:00+01:00By Marc Hanson

Industry is making progress in cutting carbon but recycling existing buildings’ materials remains a big challenge

In conversation with...


Property Week In conversation with Marcus Ginn at Edozo


Property Week’s latest “In conversation with…” interview, this week with Marcus Ginn - the co-founder and CEO of Edozo.

  • What a week it has been

  • The winter’s tale

  • An example to us all

  • Clark versus Clarke

  • Thumb-twiddling time

PW Perspectives supplement Autumn 2022

Perspectives 2022 cover 2

PW Perspectives supplement Autumn 2022

Helping investors make more informed decisions; Construction is taking key steps on road to net zero;  Co-living can solve many of our housing problems