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Tax self assessment

HMRC closes tax loophole on termination payments

2018-04-18T12:52:00+01:00By Melanie Stancliffe

Under new regulations, employers will now need to tax all ‘post-employment notice pay’. Melanie Stancliffe explains what you need to know

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Just park2

Profit potential of parking: turn empty tarmac into reliable revenue

2018-04-20T10:05:00+01:00By Just Park (Sponsored Content)

The past two years, we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of recession-dreading and recovery-hoping. But despite the market’s fickleness, good old boom and bust demands it adheres to some rules - and according to Dalio’s 18-year-cycle, correction is on the doorstep and recession in the post.

Share of housing sales by type of buyer existing owners at lowest share of sales

Future proofing new build sales rates

2018-04-02T07:30:00+01:00By ZPG (sponsored content)

Housebuilders need to start looking outside of the first time buyers market to drive sales.

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Instant group flexible offices

The time has come for flexible office spaces


To those of us who work within the flexible workspace sector, increasing landlord interest in our market was inevitable. The question was not ‘if’ but ‘when’. And Richard Williams’ recent piece shows, the time is definitely now.

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