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  • Simon Clarke shutterstock_2199379329 Clicksbox PW160922

    Housing secretaries need to have a longer shelf life

    2022-09-28T00:00:00+01:00By Anthony H Ratcliffe

    It was depressing to read in Peter Bill’s column that the new housing secretary Simon Clarke “is seen as a coming man”.

  • Smart tech net zero

    Energy crisis: we need to get creative

    2022-09-28T00:00:00+01:00By Marcus Moufarrige

    I wholeheartedly agree with the argument put forward by Adam Branson in his article ‘Energy crisis puts pressure on both occupiers and landlords’. Despite the government recently announcing a six-month cap on energy prices, the real estate industry will need to take a creative, technology-enabled approach to alleviate damage.

  • Renewable energy shed

    Energy strategy overhaul under way

    2022-09-21T00:00:00+01:00By Dan Brooks

    We welcomed the recent news of the government’s measures to alleviate the immediate cost of energy on people and businesses. Inflated gas prices driving up costs across the country while the largest energy producers deliver super-profits is outrageous and nonsensical.

  • Houses of Parliament

    Levelling up must be more than just a political slogan

    2022-09-21T00:00:00+01:00By Richard Rees

    Despite the phrase ‘levelling up’ hanging in the balance, the UK government’s proposal that more needs to be done to “spread opportunity more equally across the UK” is an understatement.

  • Working from home

    Quality offices key as we go forward

    2022-09-14T00:00:00+01:00By John Drover

    I read with interest the news that JLL’s Future of Work Survey showed that 72% of commercial real estate decision-makers believe the office is critical to doing business. Some may find this figure surprising – I find it surprising the number was not higher.

  • Green technology_credit_shutterstock_laymanzoom_1222262665

    Industry must embrace BMS tech amid climate crisis

    2022-09-14T00:00:00+01:00By Tim Streather

    I echo the concern expressed by Jamie Bennett-Ness in his recent article ‘Buildings fail to handle the heat’ over the failure of UK buildings to cope with the recent slew of heatwaves. However, the real estate industry should not resign itself to outdated air-conditioning systems but should instead embrace building ...

  • Remote working

    Worker welfare is key in hybrid world

    2022-09-08T00:00:00+01:00By Sean Greathead

    Editor: In response to your article on JLL’s Future of Work survey, which reveals that hybrid working is critical to real estate’s future, I wanted to share some insights into the accompanying rapid changes in people management.

  • Houses of Parliament

    Government must address plight of private renters

    2022-09-08T00:00:00+01:00By Gary Wright

    Editor: It was disappointing to see so little substance from the Conservative leadership hopefuls on a group being hardest hit by cost of living pressures: renters.

  • Remote working

    It’s time we rethink our working environments

    2022-09-07T15:49:00+01:00By Ben Gillam

    The landscape of workspace design has rarely undergone such a rapid, seismic shift as it has in the past couple of years. The workplace is no longer simply a place to work. It has shifted to an infrastructure for building social capital and fostering a sense of purpose and belonging. ...

  • Upton Gardens

    Adapt forgotten buildings into homes


    Editor: In the face of increasing pressure to build housing, many towns and cities are considering demolishing historic buildings. There is a scarcity of ‘obvious’ construction sites left, so many are now looking to brownfield or even green-belt sites.

  • Masked office workers

    Hygiene gripes can put workers off office return


    Editor: Remit Consulting’s Return Report points to a positive trend of workers returning to the office; and since it was released, the hybrid forms of work it identifies have accelerated, with the level of employees working exclusively from home falling in the last two months from 22% to 14%.

  • Remote learning

    How the built environment can support young people

    2022-08-25T00:00:00+01:00By Emma Hesbrook

    Editor: The built environment has a real opportunity to support the underfunded education sector and provide the learning environments required to properly educate the youth of today.

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