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  • Old brewery gardens prosperity

    Plans to limit number of BTR projects misguided


    With just 40% of Londoners expected to be homeowners by 2025 according to PwC, it is no surprise the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and his team are focusing on how to help the capital’s growing army of renters.

  • Proptech image survey

    ‘Nuts and bolts’ areas are part of proptech wave


    As Property Week’s report on the growth of the UK proptech market showed, there is no denying the attention technology is receiving in the real estate industry. This buzz is supported by serious investment: a global funding of proptech firms soared 62% in 2017 to £8.5bn.

  • Ann Summers

    Landlords must bear pain of CVAs


    The trouble with calls from  Revo and the BPF for alternatives to the CVA system is that often the alternative is administration – and then what is the value of a legally binding lease?

  • Amsterdam

    Going Dutch on affordable housing

    2018-06-05T05:35:00+01:00By Martin Bellinger

    In response to a growing economy leading to more demand for homes, the Dutch have decided to increase the supply of affordable housing in their capital city.

  • Next superstore

    Time to end phoney landlord-tenant CVA war


    Landlord and tenant relations have enjoyed sustained progress over the past decade, as landlords recognise that tenants need to be treated as customers, not commodities.

  • Bungalow

    Housing provision for pensioners should be a priority


    Over the next 20 years, the number of people aged 65-84 in the UK will rise by almost 39% and the number of people over 85 will rise by 106%.

  • House of Fraser lightning

    Retail is changing – why not taxation?

    2018-05-24T05:46:00+01:00By Mark Williams

    The legislative structures and demands governing the relationship between retail and real estate are outdated, inequitable and simply not fit for purpose.

  • Spaces uk 1

    IWG takeover news is pivotal moment for sector


    The news of three new takeover approaches for IWG is very welcome for the sector and is bringing flexible workspace further into the spotlight.

  • Next superstore

    CVAs let retailers dump poor stores


    As chief executive of a successful and very active business with around £2bn to £3bn of retail assets under management, in common with a number of landlords, I am extremely concerned at the government’s lack of action against retailers using the CVA process as a loophole to break binding lease ...

  • Sadiq Khan

    Praise for council housing push


    Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s announcement of a council housing programme set to deliver 10,000 new homes is the type of decisive housing policy his election campaign ran on.

  • Dark clouds over houses

    What we mean when we talk about the housing crisis


    Ian Mulheirn is quite right with his comment piece explaining why boosting supply won’t solve the housing crisis. It’s great to see at long last someone with common sense acknowledging there isn’t a housing crisis, it is a credit crisis.

  • Robot

    Time for property to embrace the AI revolution


    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new space race and the UK is in the leading pack, as shown by the recent announcement of a new £1bn AI sector funding deal from the government.

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