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  • High street

    Town centres need joined-up approach


    The future of high streets and town centres remains a hot topic that has now moved into the planning arena, with the proposed changes to permitted development rights (PDR).

  • Apex airspace

    Airspace development potential may be overstated


    Having read your piece on airspace development (08.03.19), my first thought is: are we at risk of creating lots of expensive penthouses?

  • EMA Canary Wharf

    Brexit ‘frustration’ dispute is not over yet


    Although the EMA failed to persuade the High Court that Brexit amounted to a ‘frustration’ of its lease at Canary Wharf, it has been granted leave to appeal, so it won’t be the last we hear of this high-profile dispute (‘Canary Wharf v EMA Brexit “frustration” case to go to ...

  • Retailers still focusing on expansion


    It was interesting to read your piece on expanding retailers (15.02.19) and I wanted to throw a few more into the mix.

  • It’s far from game over for the UK leisure market


    The global eSports phenomenon has gained unprecedented momentum and, though based online, it is making waves in the property market.

  • NAO report: government must act


    Few of the findings in the NAO’s ‘Planning for new homes’ report will come as a surprise to those in the development industry (15.02.19).

  • New tech is key to growth of property securities exchanges


    We face the fascinating dawn of new property securities exchanges, including one that recently gained ‘recognised status’ to trade under FCA regulations (

  • Outlets show retail can still thrive


    The article ‘The Nightmare After Christmas’ (01.02.19) suggested that although the predicted retail apocalypse did not appear this Christmas, trading was negatively affected by deep discounting by retailers and that the true effect of this would be seen at the end of the financial year.

  • Apprenticeships need evidence to assess their social value


    Congratulations for raising the profile of social value in the industry and putting on such a well-attended event earlier this month – and effective chairing of a lively discussion (Property Week and LGIM’s Social Impact Spotlight panel debate).

  • Gazeley Magna Park Lutterworth

    Industrial boom to continue in 2019

    2019-02-07T05:51:00+00:00By Len Rosso

    While uncertainty around Brexit continues, in the industrial and logistics sector we are witnessing almost record levels of take-up as occupiers compete to future-proof their supply chains.

  • Online shopping

    Smart retailers link in-store experiences to online offer

    2019-02-06T16:51:00+00:00By Charlotte Ward

    I read Ed Cooke’s opinion piece ‘More than meets the eye with festive retail figures’ with interest, particularly his point that retailers see online and offline channels  independently.

  • Coal Drops Yard

    Time for retail independents to shine

    2019-01-31T17:31:00+00:00By Tom Whittington

    Christmas was a mixed bag for retailers. There is a distinct nervousness within the market at the moment.

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