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  • Homebase

    The current CVA process is not fit for purpose

    2018-10-17T11:35:00+01:00By Anthony Lorenz

    For many years, I have represented tenants against landlords, mainly in the retail and leisure industry, by restructuring leases often at reduced rents or with rent-free periods. In many cases, the alternative is that tenants fail to pay rent, which leaves landlords with empty properties.

  • Auriens retirement homes, Chelsea, London

    More must be done to boost retirement living supply

    2018-10-17T08:21:00+01:00By Keith Brooks

    As shown by Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s recent call for developers and planners to focus on ‘rightsizing’ rather than downsizing when building housing for older people, the residential sector’s attempts to meet the needs of this demographic are woefully inadequate.

  • Tesco

    Online sales tax could be a lose-lose for all retailers

    2018-10-16T10:02:00+01:00By John Webber

    The call by Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis for the Chancellor to introduce a 2% levy on goods sold via the internet illustrates the anguish experienced by many high street retailers operating from physical stores.

  • Brexit

    SDLT surcharge could cost the UK economy dearly

    2018-10-10T05:58:00+01:00By Uma Rajah

    The proposed 3% SDLT surcharge for foreign nationals is an ill-conceived policy (p29, 05.10.18). While it is laudable to want to help the homeless, this policy does it in a way that is going to cost the UK far more than it helps.

  • Theresa May dance

    Right and wrong moves from May

    2018-10-10T05:56:00+01:00By Ed Fowkes

    The prime minister certainly wasn’t dancing around the issues at the Conservative Party conference, even if her dancing did leave a lot to be desired at times.

  • Proptech

    Proptech needs better dialogue

    2018-10-09T13:52:00+01:00By Adam Malik

    It was great to see Coyote’s Oli Farago emphasise the need for true dialogue between the property and technology communities.

  • Brexit

    Clarity needed on EU procurement after Brexit

    2018-10-03T11:51:00+01:00By Kathrine Eddon and Michelle Essen

    In nearly six months, the UK is expected to leave the EU and concerns are understandably mounting.

  • Jeremy Corbyn_shutterstock_credit By Dominic Dudley_643280869

    Private sector can help deliver affordable homes

    2018-10-02T11:38:00+01:00By Jean-Marc Vandevivere

    Labour’s call to build hundreds of thousands more high-quality affordable homes is one most would agree with.

  • Lehman Brothers 10 years after the crash

    We must create diversity of housing and tenure

    2018-09-27T04:58:00+01:00By Prasanna Kannan

    The impact of the global financial crisis that led to the crash in the UK housing market in 2008-09 is still being felt a decade later.

  • Matterport

    Developers must take connectivity into their own hands

    2018-09-26T14:29:00+01:00By Richard Watts

    Technology is undoubtedly improving the efficiency of our homes – from smart meters and smart lighting to the connected fridge. But what does this mean for property developers?

  • Warehouse

    Urban logistics: UK should follow Europe’s lead


    Property Week’s logistics market census highlights the industry’s growth in the face of mounting pressures on available land and rising costs (07.09.18).

  • Empty room

    Tax occupied not vacant properties


    Barry Jervis and Ben Humphreys are right to warn landlords and corporate occupiers to be prepared for a legislative changeto empty rates following the decision in Principled Office Logistics vs Trafford Borough Council (31.08.18).

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