Campaigns & Special Reports

PW Campaigns focus on key issues affecting the sector and push for change on topics including stamp duty and diversity. Alongside this, our special reports take a deep-dive into the key data behind property including our annual Power 100, Agency Survey and Salary Survey.

  • Feathering their Nest: Cuckooz Nest interview

  • Name and shame pay gap offenders

  • I mind the gender pay gap. But do you?

  • Final property companies reveal gender pay gaps

Power 100

  • PW Power 100: power people party

  • Video: PW Power 100 - how it feels to make the list

  • Video: PW Power 100 - Nick Leslau on being number 1

  • Video: PW Power 100 - Michela Hancock

  • Hot 100 UK office locations 2018

  • Hot 100 Office Index 2018: top 10 locations

  • Hot Housing Index 2017

  • Housing ‘first dibs’ will not work for Londoners

  • Victory is Property Week’s… sort of

  • Budget is mixed bag for property industry

  • Stamp duty in the spotlight ahead of next week’s Budget

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