Campaigns & Special Reports

PW Campaigns focus on key issues affecting the sector and push for change on topics including stamp duty and diversity. Alongside this, our special reports take a deep-dive into the key data behind property including our annual Power 100, Agency Survey and Salary Survey.

Climate Crisis Challenge

  • To retrofit or rebuild? That is the question

  • No biodiversity pain, no gain

  • It’s not easy being green

  • Can cycle hubs help steer us towards a net zero future?

  • Hot Housing Index 2021: the UK’s best BTR locations

  • Hot Housing Index 2021: five standout locations in the UK

  • Hot Housing Index 2021: top 100 in full

  • Hot WFH index 2021: UK

  • Hot WFH index 2021: London only

  • Hot retail index 2020: top five UK retail locations

More Hot 100 lists

  • Let’s make diversity a priority within property recruitment

  • Kick racism out of property

  • Industry condemns post-Euros final racist tweets

  • Time to set the bar on equality

More on diversity

  • Forecast for 2021: looking ahead with hope

  • Forecast for 2021: looking ahead with hope

More forecasts for 2021

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