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  • Pub closed sign

    There’s not much to drink to


    Super Saturday wasn’t as super as some expected or, rather, hoped. The iffy weather didn’t help, but that wasn’t the real issue.

  • Tony Pidgley

    Winners past and present


    It has been a week of extraordinary highs and lows.

  • Intu Watford

    Hanged, drawn and quartered


    It has been a week of decidedly mixed fortunes for the retail and hospitality sectors.

  • Emma Shone index2

    Everything’s changing, but real estate is changing with it


    In the last issue of Perspectives in March, experts wrote about the importance of Mipim and its networking opportunities. Just over three months later, the concept of rubbing shoulders in Café Roma and drinking rosé in yacht cabins is a distant dream – and just think of all that hand-shaking.

  • Liz Hamson

    Start of recovery… or the end?


    Social distancing? What social distancing? The review of the 2m rule was already looking moot when people started hitting the beaches, attending underground raves and participating in protests.

  • Liz Hamson

    Slow down and fast forward


    While many of us have adjusted to a slower pace of life in lockdown (walking and cycling instead of taking the car or public transport, cooking with family rather than dining out or eating fast food, doing the gardening ourselves instead of paying someone else to do it or, in ...

  • David Parsley index

    What next for Shaftesbury?


    It’s as if Samuel Tak Lee is in a rush to sell his property assets or something.

  • Liz Hamson

    The end of the Atkins plan?


    It had been coming (and critics would say he had it coming). The only surprise is that it did not happen sooner.

  • Liz Hamson

    Going above and beyond


    Mental Health Awareness Week will have resonated more than usual this year for many of us as we struggle to cope with Covid-19.

  • Liz Hamson

    At a climate crossroads


    What might have been. In January, 2020 was shaping up to be a transformative year for the climate agenda. Inspired by cataclysmic floods and fires, the Extinction Rebellion and the stirring rhetoric of Greta Thunberg, the industry finally seemed to have woken up to the gravity of the situation and ...

  • Liz Hamson

    The back to work minefield


    The odds are if you have not been struck down by coronavirus, you will have caught coronaphobia.

  • Liz Hamson

    The long road to recovery


    You can see why conspiracy theorists are having a field day over Covid-19. None of the global health crises of the past century or so have turned into global economic ones. Why this one? Some sinister force must be at work.

  • Guy Montague-Jones

    Final cost is anyone’s guess


    The latest rent and service charge collection data makes for pretty grim reading.

  • Topshop

    Guide to law


    ‘Unprecedented’ doesn’t really cut it.

  • Liz Hamson

    The battle for survival


    Normally, it is a case of survival of the fittest. Not this time. With the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasting that the economy could shrink 35% by June and the International Monetary Fund starkly warning that the global economy faces its biggest downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, ...

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