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Comment from editor Liz Hamson and other senior journalists at Property Week.

  • Radiant sunshine

    Hi ho silver lining


    The Covid-19 clouds are finally beginning to lift.

  • Covid-19

    Lockdown losers and winners


    Forget about the winter of discontent. This has been the year of discontent.

  • Warehouse

    Industrial and Logistics supplement November 2020


    Almost every part of the property industry has been detrimentally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Food and beverage operators have spent more days closed this year than open, retailers have shuttered stores after going under or entering into CVAs and administration and offices have lain empty during the biggest WFH ...

  • RESI thank you

    A resounding RESI success


    Some said it was sheer madness to attempt it – and I think I speak for all the Property Week team involved in RESI when I say we were bricking it on Tuesday morning as we prepared to kick off our first fully virtual two-day event during a national lockdown.

  • Emma Shone index2

    Here we go again


    Well, here we go again. Lockdown number two. While it was perhaps inevitable, it is a blow to the many businesses that were starting to get back on their feet. It may have been necessary to protect lives, but with Christmas on the horizon and no end to the pandemic ...

  • Closed sign coronavirus

    Brace for law and disorder


    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. As Property Week went to press the US presidential election was on a knife edge and England was bracing itself for a second national lockdown.

  • Manchester skyline

    Manchester stands united


    I visited Manchester for the first time around 10 years ago.

  • Scalpel

    Scalpel sale will set the tone


    It’s not been the best year for office deals.

  • Closed pub_credit_shutterstock_Kristin Greenwood_1709933992

    Stop the world. I’m getting off


    Bored now. Really, really bored.

  • Wooden houses shutterstock_1734035015 SewCream

    Housing market leaves industry dazed and confused


    In a world where we often have access to instant data, it can be hard to admit that there are still some things we barely understand.

  • Businesswoman dominos

    All change at the top


    What is it that they say about buses? You wait ages for one and then three come along at once? That certainly seems to have been the case with senior industry appointments this week.

  • Stressed woman

    Back to WFH? WTF?


    Can you hear it? The loud clattering of wooden wheels accelerating downhill? That is the sound of the handcart we are all going to hell in, that is.

  • Empty Carnaby St

    September brings some setbacks with it


    It was starting to feel like the end was in sight, wasn’t it? Early September arrived with a distinct back-to-school feeling. (I even saw my neighbour’s teenage son emerge for the first time since March, sporting a crisp-looking uniform.) Footfall was on the up in major cities as the government ...

  • Diversity

    Diversity and the office matter


    I did not want to write this column. As a mixed-race person (half Trinidadian, half English), I am both black and white, but in the increasingly polarised debate over race, I am seen as neither, someone without enough skin in the game either way, the perennial outsider looking in – ...

  • Coronavirus/working from home/facetime

    Home truths about WFH


    God, I miss the office. I even miss the four-hour round-trip commute. Yes, things are that bad – and I am one of the lucky ones.

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