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Liz Hamson

Life in lockdown


There have been many dire warnings over the years about the threat of a global pandemic, but who seriously thought that when World War III broke out it would not pit nation against nation in nuclear Armageddon but the entire globe against a common enemy of a rampant and deadly ...

Construction cranes

Is property immune to Covid-19?


Just as we were moving away from the turmoil of Brexit, we find ourselves facing a new hurdle: Covid-19. I say hurdle and not wall because real estate is a resilient industry and it will overcome this.


Adapting in challenging times – how property managers should adjust to the disruption caused by Covid-19

2020-03-27T16:03:00+00:00By Israel Moskovitz

The coronavirus outbreak has caused extreme disruption across the world.

Working from home

We are all reshaping how we live


If 2019 was the year of uncertainty, 2020 is the year that started upbeat but by the end of the first quarter we were reeling from something we had never heard of.

Work from home

Time to show grace under pressure


“Mummy? Daddy? What did you do during the time of coronavirus?”

Legal and professional advice

Contract signing

Coronavirus pandemic poses legal issues for deals and leases


Lawyers face practical issues obtaining signatures and witnesses as well as prospect of new legal challenges


Uncertain consequences for construction projects can be avoided in future

2020-03-26T11:22:00+00:00By Dominic Jones

The government’s new measures to combat coronavirus, announced on Monday evening, plunged the construction industry into confusion.

Coronavirus - woman working from home

Five tools helping to power the property industry through coronavirus


We are all having to quickly adjust to the new times we are living in.

Dad on laptop

Tips for working from home and retaining your sanity


As we all suddenly find ourselves marooned at home, no doubt with children, partners and even elderly parents contributing to a hot pot of tension, it’s important you work out how to get through your day job without losing your mind.

High street

Budget criticised over limited scope of business rates relief


Consultants slam government for leaving larger firms and those outside the retail and leisure sectors ‘to rot’

Home working with baby

Flex working is key issue for new Women in Property chair


Flexible working helps retain staff and supports women at the vital mid-career point, says Monica Green

Can't cook, will cook


Many of us are entering uncharted territory in more ways than one. Now the restaurants and pubs are off the social menu, quite a few will be venturing into the kitchen for the first time in a while and far more often than we would like.

Have no fear. ‘Can’t cook, will cook’ is here. Please send us your favourite family recipes or signature comfort dishes and we will share them with your fellow Property Week readers.

Your recipes

Culture Club

Diverse people reading books

We can’t go to the cinema, restaurants, pubs or clubs, the theatre or the shops. What can we do? We can read, watch TV and listen to podcasts and music, that’s what. But where to start? How about with some recommendations from the Property Week community?

Please send us your top book, Netflix and music picks and we will post them here. They can be as high or lowbrow, funny or tragic, relaxing or dramatic as you like – although perhaps steer clear of anything too depressing or apocalyptic, I don’t know, like the 2011 movie Contagion.

Please send them to our Twitter and LinkedIn using #PWCovid19help including a few lines on why you’ve picked them and, if you can, a picture of the book, programme, podcast presenters or musicians you’ve picked. Happy reading, watching and listening!

Your recommendations


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