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Industrial and Logistics supplement

  • Why microbreweries are taking large warehouse space

  • Can dark kitchens really deliver?

  • How big a problem is London's loss of light industrial land to resi?

  • Interview: Tritax Symmetry on its merger and future plans

  • London light industrial rents continue to soar

  • Tale of the unexpected: Sally Duggleby interview

Property Week: Best of the Decade

PW Best of the Decade advert

Nominate the best deal, person or scheme of the past 10 years


All that is required is the name, company and a short explanation of why you are nominating.

  • Are property disruptors running into trouble?

  • Industrial & logistics supplement November 2019

  • How tech will benefit real estate in the future

  • We can disrupt the disruptors

  • It’s time to focus on people and place

PW cover 151119 – index

Property Week Digital Edition – 15 November 2019

Retirement Living Conference – Hot 100 Retail Locations 2019 – PWMA Award winners – Yorkshire & Humber; East Anglia & Essex markets – Grenfell fire inquiry

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