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Pub closed sign

There’s not much to drink to


Super Saturday wasn’t as super as some expected or, rather, hoped. The iffy weather didn’t help, but that wasn’t the real issue.

Andrew Lynch

‘We never wanted to grow too quickly’: interview with Huckletree co-founder


Huckletree co-founder Andrew Lynch talks to Emma Shone about the co-working firm’s community-based offering, the benefits of its Places model and his reimagining of the sector in a post-Covid world

Mark Robinson

View from the top: Mark Robinson, chair of High Street Task Force


The new chair of the government-led High Streets Task Force tells Property Week about the problems facing UK retail, his ambitions for the initiative and the importance of a sense of place.

  • How Tony Pidgley built London

  • Space as a service comes of age

  • Shared ownership is fit for heroes

  • SME shed take-up is a positive sign

  • Turnover-based rents model is the future

  • Letter from New York

  • Good workplaces can adapt to the post-pandemic challenges

  • Facilities management is key to workplace safety

  • The impact of coronavirus should force changes in the way mental health treatment centres are designed

  • Can’t cook, will cook

  • Your recommendations

PW cover 10072020 - index

Property Week Digital Edition – 10 July 2020

Mark Robinson, head of the new High Streets Task Force, on the challenges facing retail and the importance of placemaking in promoting recovery – Huckletree co-founder Andrew Lynch on how the co-working firm is helping reimagine the sector after Covid-19 – How new immersive theatre company Histrionic plans to take ...

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