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  • Bumping up interest rate would prove fruitful for everyone

    28 September 2012

    One of my mother’s favourite stories of my early childhood days was when the country was living under conditions of austerity but for very different reasons than today.

  • Listen to the sound of the 1970s and you could still have a smash hit

    30 March 2012

    In the present precarious economic climate, I am often asked by younger property dealers how it is possible to survive and even make a profit in these difficult times.The reasons for these difficulties are well known: the economy is in recession, consumers are reluctant to spend and the banks are nearly all broke. Those that aren’t demand prohibitive interest rates and adhering to some of the covenants in their loan agreements is practically impossible.These conditions, however,

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Should local authorities restrict their spending on real estate to within their own jurisdiction?