Kosy Co Living - part of the Kosy Living group - is creating an urban co living village in the heart of Brighton. The very first of its kind, they are offering prime city centre living in an affordable and social environment with all bills, co-working and amenities included in the monthly rent cost.

The team have released a video to convey their vision for the co-living village in its entirety which shows the exterior and interior plan for the three properties consisting of 429 studios. We caught up with Kosy Living CEO Paul Brundell to discuss the video and design approach for the development.

The video starts with scenes of the exterior spaces which includes a cycle and pedestrian-friendly public area and entranceway, with private landscaped gardens, courtyards, and terraces including a roof garden.

Paul Brundell, CEO of Kosy Living said: “We believe having great outdoor spaces is essential. We have worked with our designers to create several areas brimming with colour and greenery, not only for aesthetics but for its positive mental health and environmental benefits. These areas will become havens for wildlife and retreats for our residents to enjoy the simplicity and calmness of nature, to soak up the sun, to meet and enjoy with friends and family.”

The interior shots show modern and flexible private studios with different layouts and colour schemes, each with its own kitchenette and ensuite shower room.

“The studios have been designed to be adaptable with moveable furniture allowing residents to transform their personal space from a relaxing bedroom to a comfortable lounge or work-out area, or from a workspace to a dining area. Clever storage solutions is something we’ve prioritised – a typical two-bedroom flat has an average storage of 6 square metres, our studios have an impressive 7.5 square metres of storage per room.”

Shared communal areas portray a spacious lounge with a kitchen/diner, as well a versatile co working areas that include creative spaces, media and podcast rooms to suit a variety of professions. Other amenities include lounges, a cinema, games area and fitness and wellness suites which include gyms, as well as areas for fitness classes, yoga and meditation.

“Our design vision has always been with the three crucial things in mind: how it will work for the end user– our residents and our Kosy Co Living operational team, how it can be futureproofed in terms of adaptability and sustainability, and how we can make a positive contribution to our community and the wider community whilst minimising our environmental impact.”

C&D materials as well as other recycled and re-used materials are being used throughout the build. The development will also use low and zero carbon technologies including air source heat pumps and solar photovoltaics, as well as the inclusion of a 1500m² green roof space which has many beneficial properties including the ability to improve air quality and increase biodiversity.

The development will be completely car-free and will encourage residents to utilise their own bike space, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Kosy Co Living are also partnering with a technology company to deliver on a resident wellbeing solution which will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions through IOT multi-sensors.

Kosy Co Living have included a dedicated space within the design for local charity and Martial Arts Club, Nam Yang Brighton Community Association. The new space will enable the charity to deliver more classes and outreach work in the community.

Brundell concluded, “We’ve already gone to ground on phase one with phase two and three set to follow. We’re thrilled to release this video of our vision for the village and show what is possible to regenerate a run-down brownfield site.

This will give a new lease of life to the area, provide an economic boost to businesses and the local economy, all whilst providing a solution to a vital aspect of the housing shortage by providing modern and flexible homes to live and work which will help Brighton retain its graduates and skilled workforce.”

You can follow the progress of the development on Kosy Living’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram channels, as well as at www.kosyliving.co.uk