Independent subscription based data platform LonRes has launched a new platform to increase exposure of new build schemes to potential buyers.


According to DCLG, last year some 16,230 new build homes for private sale were completed, up 53% on 2011 figures but the number of investors has fallen.

By listing their developments on the ResDev section of LonRes, new build selling agents are able to promote their schemes to LonRes subscribers who in turn can search for properties by location, size and price band. 

ResDev offers new build agents the ability to access 100,000 live buyers via 5,500 agents working across the LonRes network.

Anthony Payne, director at LonRes, said: “Put simply, ResDev opens up an untapped potential for selling agents and their respective buyers to the new build market.  

“A platform that uniquely brings together new homes and traditional agents, ResDev enables them to work together for the benefit of seller and buyer alike. With access to a network of properties and potential commission splits, ResDev is a natural extension of the LonRes system.  Just as LonRes transformed the way in which London agents worked together, ResDev promises to do the same for the new build sector.”  

Find out more about ResDev here

ResDev video