Dominic Judd

  • Markets

    The start of something big

    Sheds supplement 2 2005

    Working in the industrial sector could open the door to a wide range of opportunities

  • Markets

    New recruits


    For the first time in years, surveying companies across the UK are embarking on a recruitment drive.

  • Markets

    The great migration

    Sheds supplement 2005

    Industrial agents are thin on the ground. But as Dominic Judd reports they are not defecting to office or retail, they are moving to work for their clients

  • Online

    All change


    Attracting and retaining young agents has never been tougher as senior staff are seduced by opportunities with developers

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    Corporate takeover


    The growing potential of real estate means there are burgeoning opportunities for young consultants in surveying and accountancy firms.

  • Online

    Age concern

    London Supp May 2004

    It seems that experience is counting for less and less as firms large and small focus on newly qualified surveyors.

  • Markets

    History repeats itself

    Offices Supplement June 2004

    An upturn in London's West End agency business is showing all the signs of following a pattern that was set in the late 1990s

  • Online

    This way out...

    Sheds Supplement Febuary 2004

    Industrial agents don’t face a massive cut in salary if they move away from London – so does it really pay to cut your teeth in the Big Smoke?

  • Online

    Step in the right direction

    Office Supp 2003

    In anticipation of an upturn in the south-east, agencies large and small are building up their teams.

  • Markets

    In the fast lane

    Sheds Supplement September 2003

    Niche consultancies are proving a hit with staff as uncertainties linger in larger companies.

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    Jobs watch: Going down in the world

    London supplement 9 May 2003

    Redundancies, cutbacks, company mergers … What hope is there for an agent? We shed some light on recruitment prospects in an uncertain market

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    The specialists

    International corporate supplement February 2003

    Corporate real estate surveyors give valuable advice to companies to which property is foreign language.

  • Markets

    Jobs watch: Captains of industrial

    Sheds supplement February 2003

    While staff are being laid off in other sectors, demand for industrial specialists is steady and the financial rewards could be handsome.