LandAid is giving you the opportunity to get revenge on one of five property personalities - by having them “beheaded” at the Tower of London.

The charity’s Party at the Tower will this year see one of the five names “lose their head” in the Big Fat Property Chop of 2012 magic act.

The five names are: Property Week editor-in-chief Giles Barrie, British Property Federation chief executive Liz Peace, Chainbow chief executive Roger Southam, Frogmore chief executive Paul White, and Credit Suisse senior advisor Ian Marcus.

Voting is now open to nominate your victim. To do so text the chop code and a £5 donation to 70070. For example, to vote for Giles Barrie, text: CHOP01 £5.

Each potential victim has been allowed to make one plea for mercy:

Giles Barrie

Giles Barrie, Editor, Property Week - Code: CHOP 01

Property Week has longstanding links with LandAid, with readers having donated almost £100,000 to LandAid through our Property Awards and RESI events over 10 years.

“PLEASE save me because I am just a poor journalist, and whenever I have offended anyone, it wasn’t personal!”

Liz Peace

Liz Peace, Chief Executive, British Property Federation - Code: CHOP 02

The BPF has thrown its full weight behind LandAid as the most effective way of channelling the industry’s tremendous generosity into highly worthwhile schemes that will bring real benefits to those underprivileged young people who are being let down and ignored by society.

“The audience definitely shouldn’t choose me because I’m female - and there aren’t that many of us around in the property business; because I’m the soft-hearted, tree-hugging acceptable face of the industry and killing me off would confirm the prejudices lots of people have about the industry being populated by lots of ruthless tycoons.”

Roger Southam

Roger Southam, Chief Executive, Chainbow - Code: CHOP 03

Chainbow has been a supporter of LandAid for many years and recently participated in the

Property Peak Challenge.

“I am sure my friends and colleagues in the industry will see sense and vote for someone far more deserving than me!” 

Paul White

Paul White, Chief Executive, Frogmore - Code: CHOP 04

Frogmore is a LandAid Foundation Partner and active supporter of both LandAid’s events and the Fundraising Committee.

“I’ve made a career out of telling people the truth even if they don’t like it - surely that should save me from the chop?!”

Ian Marcus

Ian Marcus, Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse - Code: CHOP 05

Ian has been involved in LandAid since its formation and is keen to do anything to support such a great cause.

“Although it may be the only way I will lose weight, how can I attend all those lunches, dinners and cocktail parties without a receptacle for the food and drink and the ears and mouth to network….and who else will walk my dog..!!”