I hope to see more retailers reinvent their in-store experience to offer customers something different to retain their loyalty.

Edinburgh St James

Edinburgh St James

We must all continue to breathe new life into our schemes for them to thrive and deliver ‘mixed-use’ schemes that truly befit the name.

I think 2019 will be the year the retail industry witnesses a significant shift in approach from developers as well as retailers. This approach was key to the design of Edinburgh St James, where we are integrating the retail and leisure elements with eight events spaces to ensure the whole scheme is linked to the city’s annual festival calendar.

It will also become more crucial to work with partners from the start of a development and not as an add-on towards the end.

Resolution: To have a curious mind. It’s important to be aware of what everyone, particularly outside the industry, is doing right (and wrong). The tech sector is by its nature innovative and it’s important to be open to stay ahead of the curve.

Martin Perry, director of development, Edinburgh St James