I’m hoping 2019 will bring some stability.

Neil Young - Get Living - 30th August 2018 - 025

We don’t want the sector’s growth to be stunted by spikes in construction costs or risk being affected by market uncertainty. We’ve got ambitions to deliver 12,500 homes over the next five years and much of our pipeline is either still under construction or due to start in 2019, so the quicker we can build the sooner we can get people living in our neighbourhoods.

Market conditions permitting, BTR should continue to experience exponential growth in investment volumes; forecasts show the potential to reach £10bn in the next five years. Get Living will deliver double-digit growth in operational homes this year.

Resolution: To get the chance to beat my personal best on the final stage of the Tour de France. As for the industry, I will continue to make sure we lead the charge for a better way of renting, working with our peers to raise the profile of the sector and champion renters. And for us at Get Living, 2019 is all about simplicity. We will be looking at what else we can do to make renting easier.


Neil Young, chief executive, Get Living