The UK property market thrives on confidence and freedom. My hope is to see more of both next year.

Rob Bower Montagu Evans

My expectation is more of the same, unfortunately. Much as we thrive on progress, the rate of decision-making needed to improve the UK’s commercial outlook is not meaningful enough.

We should be looking for a greater pace of change, not least in the world of valuation – my previous day job – where businesses are calling for mark-to-market more quickly and more accurately.

Anything that feels like rear-view-mirror thinking needs to be consigned to 2018.

Resolution: To open our doors wider. There is opportunity everywhere and we are growing to respond to the challenges a more turbulent economic future may bring. We are also investing heavily in our people and in growing partner numbers, but we need more individuals from all walks of life to come and join the team at every level.

Rob Bower, managing partner, Montagu Evans