Osprey Charging has created a totally unique EV charging destination at Salmon’s Leap, in Buckfastleigh, Devon, a sign-post for the future of rapid EV charging.

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The Osprey charging hub in Dartmoor National Park

Salmon’s Leap super-hub is the largest ultra-rapid charging facility in the South West that’s open to all drivers. A bespoke EV-only charging facility in the heart of Devon, it provides superior access to ultra-rapid charging, designed sensitively within Dartmoor National Park.

The hub is located within a 2-minute drive of the Devon Expressway, covers an impressive 1.6 acres and features 16 300kW high-power chargepoints, making it the most significant addition to the UK’s EV infrastructure this year.

Salmon’s Leap Super-hub: Filling Infrastructure Gaps with Innovation

Salmon’s Leap addresses the pressing need for reliable and efficient charging solutions. As the largest rapid charging hub in the South-West region, equipped with 16 dynamic load-balancing 300kW chargers, this facility caters to the demand for accessible and reliable charging in the region. The location, adjacent to a major expressway, ensures high visibility and accessibility, essential factors for attracting both casual users and regular EV drivers.

Technology at Its Core: Dynamic Load-Balancing Chargers

The Salmon’s Leap super-hub’s success is rooted in its use of dynamic load-balancing chargers, showcasing Osprey’s dedication to technological innovation. These chargers optimise energy allocation, ensuring faster charging times and minimising power wastage. This not only enhances convenience for EV drivers but also represents a step forward in energy efficiency, a critical consideration in sustainable charging infrastructure.

Designed for Diverse Needs: Accommodating Commercial and Towing Vehicles

Salmon’s Leap sets a new standard by considering the diverse needs of EV drivers. With two extra-long bays designed to accommodate commercial and towing vehicles, it addresses a critical requirement in the rapidly evolving EV landscape. The surge in electric vans and heavy goods vehicles on the road necessitates charging infrastructure that caters to these larger vehicles, making Salmon’s Leap an attractive option for a broad spectrum of drivers.

Enhancing Accessibility: Osprey’s Standardised Design and Extra-Wide Bays

Salmon’s Leap emphasises inclusivity by incorporating Osprey’s standardised accessible site design. Additionally, with the integration of two extra-wide bays, it caters to a wider array of users. The meticulous attention to detail regarding accessibility underscores Osprey’s commitment to ensuring that EV charging facilities are not only technologically advanced but also inclusive and user-friendly.

Going Beyond Charging: Integrating Commercial Enterprises for Added Value  

Salmon’s Leap goes beyond being just a charging hub. Leasing the hub’s premises to Strawberry Fields Farm, resulting in the establishment of a farm shop and café, adds a new dimension to the charging experience. Beyond being a stop for charging, the hub transforms into a destination, aligning with Osprey’s mission to enhance customer and community experiences around EV charging infrastructure.

Prioritising customer satisfaction, Osprey has taken every measure to create an outstanding charging destination at Salmon’s Leap. From the re-designed bay layouts and flows to latest innovative hardware, to the locally sourced on-site farm shop and strategic location, Salmon’s Leap has quickly become the favoured destination among EV drivers.

Customer feedback consistently highlights the seamless and quick charging experience, site design and quality of facilities, and the welcoming atmosphere of the hub, so different from a standard EV hub or service station. As the EV market continues to surge, ventures like Salmon’s Leap showcase how the fusion of innovation and practicality can redefine the landscape of sustainable transportation.