In the second in our three-part series, figures from the residential and property finance sectors share their outlooks for a post-lockdown world.

Top industry figures share their hopes and fears about the emerging post-lockdown property landscape. Read their thoughts and predictions on what happens next below:

Barry Jessup

Barry Jessup

Director, First Base

As lockdown ends, the physical world we return to will be very similar to the one we left, but hopefully the mindset will have changed for the better.

The idea that we will suddenly voluntarily self-isolate, or build larger homes, or stop eating out is absolute nonsense; however, we have seen that technology can help our lives in a way that we were reluctant to accept pre-lockdown.

Why wouldn’t you use anti-bacterial paint in enclosed public spaces? Autonomous vehicles are safe and provide convenient mobility. Remote working is productive, and there is no stigma about joining a meeting by video. You don’t have to be embarrassed if your kids interrupt your meeting.

Drone deliveries can be effective and unobtrusive. Commuting is absolutely nobody’s idea of fun and should be minimised. We can have a massive impact on climate change, if we only choose to do so.

Real estate is populated by far more people in the “too-hard” rather than “can-do” camp. If one consequence of our current adversity is that we grasp the opportunity to achieve a significant shift in mindset, then we genuinely have the opportunity to create a better world. We should be ashamed of ourselves if we don’t.