Liz Hamson

Liz Hamson

Liz Hamson was the editor of Property Week from 2014 to 2022.

  • Coworking

    Goodbye and good luck!


    Is the great return to the office finally back on? With Jacob Rees-Mogg on the war path, it probably is for civil servants, but what about everyone else?

  • Michael Gove

    Gove turns up the heat


    It is a perfect example of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

  • Older woman

    Why don’t you mind the gap?


    With all the promotions and pay rises dished out by the leading surveying firms in recent weeks, you might be forgiven for thinking that great strides are finally being made in redressing the gender imbalance in the industry’s senior ranks. Sadly, not so.

  • WeWork

    The rise, fall and rise of WeWork


    It has been coming. We all knew that as we emerged from the pandemic, businesses would review their workplace needs. Some would revert to what they had prior to Covid. Some would downsize. Others would open satellite offices or take flexible workspace to support a smaller head office.

  • Rishi Sunak

    More pain, no gain


    May we live in less interesting times. This Wednesday marked the second anniversary of the UK entering lockdown for the first time.

  • Ukraine and Russia flag

    Now is the time for action


    Weasel words, empty rhetoric… propaganda.

  • Russian investment

    A game of Russian roulette


    How many times this week have we heard commentators call on the West to meet force with force, as that is all Vladimir Putin understands?

  • City skyline climate change

    Now’s the time for radical climate action


    People often say ‘the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity’, particularly in this industry. Not when it comes to the climate emergency, though. ‘The greater the challenge, the greater the threat’ is the more likely refrain.

  • Sustainability reporting_shutterstock_160036250_cred song_about_summer

    Downsides to levelling up


    There are so many downsides to the Levelling Up White Paper, where to start?

  • Office generic

    It’s all offices and politics


    What a week! Boris Johnson’s announcement that Plan B restrictions are being lifted did not distract attention from a totally self-inflicted leadership crisis (as Property Week went to press, it looked as though he was about to be given the heave-ho after being accused of “defending the indefensible” over ‘Partygate’).

  • Guy Grainger

    A real stand-up Guy: interview with Guy Grainger


    Exactly a year after becoming JLL’s EMEA global head of sustainability services and ESG, Guy Grainger took over on 1 January 2022 from David Partridge as president of the BPF. He sets out his stall to Liz Hamson.

  • Aluminium cladding

    Developers carry the cladding can


    We all knew it was coming. The answer to the thorny question over who should pay to remove unsafe cladding from residential blocks in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy was never the leaseholders.

  • Cafe closed Covid sign

    The rollercoaster ride continues


    How fitting that we start 2022 with something of a catch-22 dilemma: a hospitality sector that cannot get the lockdown-magnitude help it is demanding – and desperately needs – because the current Covid restrictions do not constitute an official lockdown.

  • Closed due to Covid sign

    It could have been worse


    And just like that… 2021 was nearly over. For a minute there, I thought we were finally emerging from this Covid nightmare and were going to end the year on a high. It wasn’t to be.

  • Work from home

    It’s beginning to look a lot like…


    …Christmas 2020 all over again. OK, maybe not that bad, but as Property Week went to press on Wednesday, Boris Johnson was due to announce the return of WFH and introduction of vaccine passports amid mounting fears of another festive lockdown.

  • Cafe ext Covid

    The social impact of Covid


    This week, Property Week hosted two in-person events – one an invitation-only spotlight on ‘How to do the S in ESG’ attended by 75 people and the other the RESI Awards, which as we went to press on Wednesday, was expecting a capacity crowd of 1,300.

  • Shopping centre

    Rebirth of the shopping centre


    Has the tide finally turned for retail? Anyone who has braved the festive crowds recently would be forgiven for thinking so.

  • Mark Allan

    Allan gets down to business


    If anyone was in any doubt that Mark Allan means business, they aren’t any longer.

  • Rishi Sunak

    A Rishi washy Budget


    Buoyed by the UK’s better-than-expected economic growth, Rishi made a big show of dishing out the dosh when he delivered his Autumn Budget, promising to increase spending by a cool £150bn over the course of this parliament.

  • Climate protest

    COP out on climate and Covid


    Great. Just when we thought the doom-mongers might be wrong. This week, clouds started to gather once more on two potentially very stormy weather fronts: the climate and Covid.

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